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May 2018

••• The International Writers Magazine - Comment - Lifestyles - Fiction - Travel
* We are now in semi-archive mode - but still adding weekly. 19 years and 7520 articles in this archive. Explore and marvel at so many life changes since the turn of this century.

Mexican Zip-lining Tour
Lauren Brunck
As we zoom around the bend, kicking up dust from the dirt and gravel path, a tall edifice materializes through the foliage of the jungle. We slam on our breaks and dismount our bikes at the base of the tower.
The Zen of Japanese Interiors

Sam Barnes

For people living in Bladerunner style metropolises, short on space, incorporating simple design and natural materials in the home can help breath a little fresh air into an otherwise digital existence.
Desert Search
Tom Coote

As we clattered through the Kyzylkum desert in the battered shared taxi, the driver reached across and offered me some pills.When I asked him what they were, he shrugged.

The Pack - Spain
James Skinner
Rough Justice in Pamplona

...every feminist movement in the country mobilized massive demonstrations to overturn the ruling and called for a revision of the legal system regarding sexual criminal cases
It's Uncle Rudy Time ...
James Campion

Can the former mayor of New York City dig Trump out of a hole? Once Giuliani was the voice of the law in the most powerful legal team in the nexus of American street justice in the Southern District of New York ...
Shed that Load

Sam Hawksmoor

Ownership is on the way out. Rent everything is how we live now.
Story from an Old Guy
Martin Green

First, let me warn you, nothing much happens in this story.  Not that it couldn’t, as I’ll try to write something about how it feels to be a really old guy pushing 90.  When you’re at that advanced age, you can expect something to happen at any time --- a fall, a stroke, a heart attack. 

Tom Wolfe
Tom Wolfe 1930 - 2018

James Campion

Tom Wolfe was a novelist in journalist’s clothes – included with his signature white suits and cane and top hat and matching shoes and all the rest. This is what people in the know will tell you. But I wholly disagree with this. I believe it was the opposite. He was a journalist first...
Smell the roses
The Art of Slowing Down
Martin Green

...the danger of being overly busy is greatest at the beginning of retirement when you no longer have the structure of a working life
Book by the sea
Reading in Aqaba
Marwan Asmar
One of the best places to read is along the promenade in Aqaba. Just sit on one of the benches, and open your book, and every once in a while you can turn around to look at the beach and the distant sea.

Girl with Cat
GIRL with CAT (Blue)

by Sam Hawksmoor
(1st Chapters)
Believing in a multiverse is one thing - actually crossing over into one risks madness. Jules believes, McReady, the sceptic, does not, either way - they have to find Inglund & the Girl with Cat (Blue).
'Saska is awesome' Amazon.co.uk

Cuban Girls
What the Heck is a Yuma?

Jerry Alan

Tahimi told him that she had not called him a “Yuma” the night before. Somebody in that room sure as hell had.  He hated that word.  Why couldn’t the first Americans in Cuba have not come from Idaho?
The Fountain 
Oswaldo Jimenez

Peter and Wendy had been meeting at the water fountain for many weeks now. They liked each other’s company. One morning, Wendy surprised Peter when she whispered to him,
“I'm secretly in love with a married man.”

The Boy’s Observations
Donia Varghese

His heart was pounding like the African drums in the documentary on Nat Geo he’d seen the day before. He’d broken the green vase. It had been his mother’s favourite.

Isle of Dogs
Isle of Dogs

Written & Directed
by Wes Anderson
Sam North review

Witty, charming, a grand visual treat

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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