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June 2018

••• The International Writers Magazine - Comment - Lifestyles - Fiction - Travel
* We are now in semi-archive mode - but still adding weekly. 19 years and 7528 articles in this archive. Explore and marvel at so many life changes since the turn of this century.

Nashville Skyline
Duncan Shaw

So, why was I going to Nashville? Why would I try for a year to make this happen: after two prior dates didn't work out, I made sure the third time was the charm, but why?
Volkswagen, Vagabond, Vistas
Lloyd Ryan Beere

What I may have originally thought a hoax turned out to be one of the greatest and most fulfilling things I have done alone
Morro de Sao Paulo
Annie Lalla
in Brazil
There are no cars here.  You walk everywhere by foot. All transport of goods is accomplished by wheelbarrows marked "Taxi" on the side with unintentional humour.
The Ghost of Henry Miller
Eric D. Lehman

This is the fruit of solitude, the true travel. An hour passes like a breath

Trump and Kim
The Kim Jong-Un Show

James Campion
+Readers Comments

A North Korean leader meets with a U.S president and it is one of the most flaccid, useless, innocuous occurrences in the grandest tradition of photo-op, international politics.US Border
The Lost Children of America
James Campion

It is June of 2018 in the United States of America. Right now 550 children have been stripped from their parents and are being detained in over-crowded border stations funded by your tax dollars.
Pedro Sanchez
Topsy-Turvy in Spain
James Skinner

Political chaos in Spain after PP corruption convictions. Sr. Barcenas gets 33 years for his crimes. PM Sanchez and the Socialists take power.

A Close Shave

Lionel Darmendrail
Surviving a heart attack in France 2018

While getting to our car in the alley, I felt a characteristic pain at the top of my chest ...
Story from an Old Guy
Martin Green

I’ll try to write something about how it feels to be a really old guy pushing 90.  When you’re at that advanced age, you can expect something to happen at any time --- a fall, a stroke, a heart attack. 
The United Trump of Trump
James Campion
We’re Citizens of Trump Enterprises
- Historians will marvel that we made it through it all. But we will. Because we are Americans. We have survived worse. Not as stupid, mind you, but worse.

Girl with Cat (Blue)
GIRL with CAT (Blue)

by Sam Hawksmoor
(1st Chapters)
Believing in multiverses is one thing - actually crossing over into one risks madness. Jules believes, McReady, the sceptic, does not, either way - they have to find Inglund & the Girl with Cat (Blue).
'Saska is awesome' Amazon.co.uk

Rainbow Hunter
Victor Castleton
Chasing rainbows on the wind

Pips Wally & Dogman Jones meet Maradona
Jerry Alan

Pips Wally went to Cuba one year at last. He had heard about sun and fun, fishing and brown girls - all that he liked – but it took an invite from Dogman Jones and some harrowing circumstances to finally convince him to go.
The Bread Line
Jerry Alan
in Cuba
Laurant and about three-hundred people were in a ‘cola’, which means ‘tail’ in Spanish.  A line-up.  They were waiting for bread ...
Premonitions of angels
Abigail George

Just keeping on. Flecked with dizzying introspection, difficult, monstrous yet inspiring new things that bring you joy...

Tom Wolfe 1930 - 2018
James Campion

Tom Wolfe was a novelist in journalist’s clothes – included with his signature white suits and cane and top hat and matching shoes and all the rest. This is what people in the know will tell you. But I wholly disagree with this. I believe it was the opposite. He was a journalist first...

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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