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Music & Beyond
Ottawa Music & Beyond Fest 2018
Elizabeth Schotten Merklinger
Ottawa chamber music summers have become quite famous and now attract throngs of music lovers to the shores of the Rideau River.
Crowsnest Pass
Crown the Continent with 8 Star Tours - Allen Gibson
Day one: Left Lethbridge late in the afternoon, on a day so hot it’s expected to break records. Perfect, since I’m heading for the mountains and cooler air
Aleppo's Souks - What we have lost Habeeb Salloum in Syria 2005
As we treaded the ancient alleyways of Aleppo, Syria's second largest city, I thought that I had travelled back to the medieval world. The labyrinth of stone- roofed souks have not changed for hundred of years.

Kevin Morra
on the road
It's a rough nomadic life, the hours are long, and the pay never worth it

Catholic Church's Ongoing Child Rape Problem

James Campion
+ Readers Responses
The grand jury described the church's methods as "a playbook for concealing the truth" after FBI agents identified a series of practices they found in diocese files.
The Day the Raven Tapped for Mr Trump
James Campion
07.21.18 - the day that tipped speculation and hearsay and mounting circumstantial evidence that the president of the United States has committed high crimes and misdemeanors into physical evidence.
Migrants to Spain
A Long Summer in Spanish Politics

James Skinner

A change of guard and many problems wait till September - Sanchez has passed by decree, a law exhuming the remains of Geralissimo Franco ...
A #MeToo Mea Culpa

The sad truth: I’m a male misogynist.
There’s no doubt about it.

Swamp Car Park
How the Hell Did This Turn Into a Period Story?

Cassidy Mull

This was the turning point-- the first omen. The moment when the day turns from fresh and hopeful to a dark shade of terra incognita.
9 Best Bungee Jumps
9 Best Places for Bungee Jumping Around the World
Valentina Yepes

Go take a Jump!
safe travel
How To Travel With Nerve Damage
Ben Hill

This is travel how-to, without a medical diagnosis
Burning Man (From our archives)
Annie Lalla
Burning Man… most have barely heard of it, many are intrigued, few are brave enough to go.  If this is your first encounter with the phenomenon of Burning Man, welcome.

REVIEWS Film & Books
Sausage Dog
A Bagatelle of Maladies

Allen P Cook

It was not that he simply missed her. She was right in front of him. He felt diminished.
The Importance of Napkins
You’re having coffee ... Someone is shouting abuse at their ex on their phone and suddenly you have a brilliant idea for a story ...
Chapter One: Warning Signals
‘Those who stay in this city will die by the sword, famine and pestilence, but they who go out beyond to places of safety will survive. Our cities will be overwhelmed by darkness.’
Prophet Arnold: Church of Final Redemption 29:1-5

Dear Journal, it’s me, Alice

Abigail George

Books always marked our games somehow. The passage of time.
Growing up the house was (always) filled with books.
A Leg to Die For
Sidi Cherkawi Benzahra
My grandfather took his leg to Lalla Fatima and she invoked the spirit and did all she could do to heal his leg
Uncle Pringle & the Scam Artist
Martin Green

Life is good, thought Sidney Rothenberg, sitting in a lounge chair at poolside of the most luxurious hotel ...

Fear (Trump in the White House)
by Bob Woodward

Sam North review

Insightful and worrying chronicle of daily life in the Trump White House by American's best known forensic journalist.
The Road to Unfreedom
by Timothy Snyder

The role of Russia now is to create anarchy, lawlessness, create doubt where there is none, and undermine the credibility of everything
Mailer, Norman - (From our archives)
Dean Borok

The funny thing about Norman Mailer’s antagonism towards women is that he always felt the need to keep them around him.  He married six times.

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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