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How To Travel With Nerve Damage
• Ben Hill

safe travel

I am not a doctor, and this is not medical advice. This is travel how-to, without a medical diagnosis.

In November 2016, I was sick and received a yellow fever vaccination in Ecuador. The next week, I developed weakness, tingling, and fatigue throughout my body, particularly in my legs. I was extremely sensitive to cold, and some foods and drinks. I suffered frequent pains and pulled muscles, and periodic attacks on my nervous system.

In December, I continued travelling. Asia for 5 weeks and the U.S. for 3. This is how I did it.

1. Avoid cold weather.
2. No bags, or pack super-light.
3. Wear lightweight, warm clothing.
4. Walk as little as possible.
5. Take a two-day break between flights, long trains, or major transit.
6. Think like a disabled person. Locate wheelchairs, elevators, and long walks ahead of time. Airports, train stations, hotels/lodging, and attractions.
7. Locate on map and store phone numbers in advance: taxis and Uber, and all possible medical (pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, and doctors).
8. Watch feet and hands at all times. Wear shoes and socks. Particularly in transit, but also pinch points, grooming, and bare floors.
9. No hot water. It burns, but you can't feel it.
10. Eat throughout day. Spread it.
11. Moderate caffeine and little or no alcohol.


1. Snack
2. Practice gripping and basic movements
3. In-room light stretch and yoga.
4. Feel out your body. The days are up and down.
5. Shower with a little bit of cold water, then warm. Wakes you up, but keeps nerves calm.
6. Check your feet and hands for cuts.


1. Eat, drink water, and rest before going outside.
2. Go outside for a few hours in 1 trip, or 2 smaller ones.
3. If you have a three-day break between major transit, try going outside longer on the middle day.


1. Lay down by 5:00, for 1-2 hours
2. Warm shower or bath
3. Check feet and hands for cuts
4. Light stretch

© Ben Hill September 2018

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