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The International Writer's Magazine - November 2008 - Welcome

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Night Fishing: Chasing Tail in the Tropics - John M. Edwards
I thought I saw a real live mermaid. The genuine article. This was a fantastical phantasm that was hard to shake.

The Forgotten Author in Beijing
Peter Linsley
I arrive at Beijing's Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery. The gate guards look at me strangely. "Can you tell me where this foreigner is buried?"

A Personal View Of Whistler
Jane Cassie
Being a Vancouverite, I’ve always had a soft spot for North America’s favourite playground.
Rambling through Rotary
Tyrel Nelson
Sunday morning. That’s always my answer whenever I’m asked what tops my list about Cuenca
Yugoslavia Remembered
David Russell
1985 and Yugoslavia was still an undivided country
A Religious Experience
Tetsuhiko Endo
The woman would materialize out of the background for just long enough to put out her hand, be ignored and recede back into the stone so that if you weren’t looking carefully, you wouldn’t have notice her at all.
Images of a Friend
Tyrel Nelson
When I saw José Martínez for the first time, he was coughing up a lung outside my neighbor’s front door
Chungking Mansions
Tracey Doxey
ChungKing Mansions nestles in prime location on Nathan Road and it is exactly as the guide books and hostel pre arrival email warned
Exploring Poole
Natalya Popova inthe UK
One day this summer I astonished myself by signing up for a ‘Ghost Walk’ around Poole

The Path of Faith in Turkey
Norman A. Rubin
Turkey has a magnificent past, which is displayed throughout the land
Insanity of Short Selling in a Recession
Michael Levy

Would you send your children to a nursery run by cannibals? Then why allow short sellers to crucify stock prices when at their weakest?
An Open Apology to America

James Campion

I was wrong. Despite my hard-line skepticism and relentless cynicism you did not elect a middle-aged Anglo-Saxon
The New Yorker, Collusion & All That
Chris Roberts
The New Yorker building sits at 4 Times Square in New York City. If a writer or artist were to come before this edifice, what would he or she see?
Dispatch from McCain country
Obama elected president; crowd indifferent- Derek Pfeffer
Tucson—Putney’s Sports Bar. 7:00 p.m. The Phoenix-Calgary game is playing on two of the television sets
Sweet Aroma of Value Investing
Michael Levy
Well, there is no doubt that we are in a recession right now and it may get worse in the coming months
Learning Languages in your PJs
Antonio Graceffo
I set up a rigid schedule of watching TV. Over several weeks, I saw my listening and speaking grow by leaps and bounds

A Positive Outlook For Life: A Partner in Compassion - David Calleja
it is difficult to go anywhere in Sramouch He without finding a person who does not have a family member or friend affected by HIV/AIDS.

My Nightmare
James Skinner
‘Haven’t you been watching the news lately? Seen what’s happening to the stock markets the world over?
President bling-bling is watching you!
Maria Marlais
There are, contrary to what many people might think, many different kinds of people in Paris.

Magic Marshland
Shivani Shah

God's golden fingers break the diaphanous, misty morning veil that drapes the landscape… a flash of electric blue of a little-blue kingfisher, lilies break into bloom on cue from the sunlight

Little Denmark
John M. Edwards
I was standing at the bar at the Jolly Trolley, staring at my beer when I decided I was so drunk I would indeed have a hangover in the morning

Copenhagen Weekend
Aurelie Montfrond
Copenhagen has become a cosmopolitan city but still has a Scandinavian charm and culture

All About Me
Rosanne Stewart
It's tricky to say at the exact moment I thought I was going to die; perhaps the moment I buried my head into my hands

Predatory Shopping
Greg Mosse
Shopping is a hunter’s job – but no one has told the shop assistants who is the hunter and who the hunted.

Heimo Zobernig at Tate St Ives
Mary Colvin
‘Please ensure you do not sit on the golden chairs,’ the attendant implores us in reverential tones, ‘they are part of the installation.’
A weekend in Vienna
Aurelie Montfrond
I was completely lost, somewhere in Vienna desesperately stopping the few people I came across in the streets, asking them for directions.
Jenna Simsen
The first time I got on an airplane I was 13 months old

Amsterdam Weekend
Aurelie Montfrond
On a Friday afternoon, I had just arrived in Amsterdam
An Island Secret
James Morford
The missing population in the island paradise
REVIEWS Film & Books
Unhappy Dilys
Greg Mosse
Dilys was a small woman with a helmet of black hair and pasty skin. She worked shifts, enabling her to be at home when my mother wasn’t.
Clear Glass
M J Norris
I discovered my younger sibling had beaten me to the last pair of clean socks. Now I would have to suffer the indignity of sweat-stiff socks as well as the outsize uniform inherited from my elder sister.

Stuart Parker
It was bright enough to give you a headache on that Sunday morning. We were off to spend the day with my least favourite aunt
The Wedding Gift
Joseph Grant
The car had been a wedding present for him and his young bride from his new in-laws. It made him uneasy to drive such an expensive car

The Cat Who Wanted To Be A Dog
David Russell's story for kids
There was this cat who always wanted everything everybody else had, especially the dog who lived in her house
Life's Little Annoyances
Martin Green
The car that zipped in front of you to take the last space in the parking lot;  the lady at the supermarket check-out who had to write a check for her purchases
Greg Mosse
‘How much have you spent?’
‘Not as much as you’d think,’ said Jack. ‘Most of it is staples.’
Many Happy Returns
Mary Colvin
Party dresses. I had party dresses when I was little. With sashes, rainbow sashes. And party shoes. Shiny red t-bar shoes that winked at me as I danced
Briar Woods
Lauren Mackintosh
The evening brought a cold that even this part of town couldn't handle. A strange cold that turned cheeks pink and brought mittens and scarves out of cupboards
Sarah's Globe
Laura Anne Styles
In the middle of the Vatican Museum standing before me is the biggest globe I have ever seen and try as I might I couldn’t stop myself from laughing
Standing at the Feet of Giants
Michael Hardie
‘Thank you kindly, good Sir,’ I call after the man walking past me, with his suit neatly pressed and eyes firmly blinkered.

Diamonds - The Rush of '72
by Sam North - Chapter One (extract):
A Matter of Great Secrecy
Twelve long years after Philip Arnold and John Slack had departed Kentucky, brimful of optimism, life found them stepping off the Oakland ferry into a sea of genuine San Francisco mud.
Too Soon
J.A. Laraque
That flashing red light torments me. I’ve waiting been thirty seven years for this. What do I do?
Evening Singing
Julia Gordon

Evening came with the singing of insects, every little voice chirping and wanting to be heard. Kelly was at home with a bottle of wine

Secret Door
Freya Scott
I used to drag all my little school friends upstairs before tea and hide in the airing cupboard.

Village Boys and Fret Boards
Jessica Patient

As soon as I saw the acoustic guitar I knew it was going to be your birthday present
An unusal Sunday in Dagoba

How To Disappear Completely
Mark Robinson
"You have reached the How to Disappear Completely automated helpline; you will shortly hear a list of options; please consider these carefully before selecting the corresponding number on your keypad
Come the Revolution
Clare Sager
I threw the car keys on the table. ‘We need to get out of here.’ Clear and simple – no time for misunderstandings.

Laura Anne Styles
When I was twenty-five my boyfriend Harry had his drink spiked...
The Composer
Richard McGarry
Mattéo Ranvier was intently contemplating Ana Lucia Beltrán’s eyes as he stared out of the window of an airbus bound for Paris. Those rapturous and dark eyes, like burnished amber, yet profoundly sad as if they had been taken hold by some hidden, unspeakable tragedy

Be Careful what you wish for
Charlotte Francis
6, 12, 40, 36, 10 & 22. The numbers that ruined my life.

Naga in the Negev
Michael Chacko Daniels
After repeatedly dreaming that centuries ago he was a famous Bedouin healer in the Negev, Abdoul, son of Cochin Cohn, saw himself living in the Negev and nowhere else, if he were to remain in the land of Israel

The Cure by Michael Coleman
Now out in paperback
Chris Burden review
BBC Radio 4 -British Teenage Suicides
Presented by Penny Marshall
Jess Armstrong
Enlisting the voices of the Bridgend teens, Penny Marshall strives to uncover the reasons behind the Welsh suicide epidemic
I’ve Never Seen Star Wars -
BBC Radio 4
Sam Richards
You might not expect hearing about Esther Rantzen’s opinions on ironing a shirt to be entertaining in the slightest.
Charity’s Child by Rosalie Warren
Sam North review
Any young girl who has ever had a crush on another girl with all the pain and uncertainty that it brings would be fascinated to read Charity’s Child.

Wayfaring At Waverly In Silver Lake by James McCourt
A Dan Schneider review
James McCourt is one of those writers who seems to have gotten in print via connections

EUNOIA by Christian B_k,

Charlie Dickinson
One given for creative work by an artist is acceptance of limits (a discipline the work itself often imposes).

Jackdaw Summer by David Almond
Michael Webb
Jackdaw Summer is the story of wild boy Liam and his friend Max who are lead by a jackdaw to the aid of a helpless abandoned baby girl
Burn After Reading

Samuel Richards review
The Coen Brothers have done it again.
Directed by Jason Reitman,
Starring Ellen Page and Michael Cera
Sophie Berry review
Juno is no normal 16-year old. After discovering she is pregnant, her life is turned upside down

Iron Man (2008)
Driected by Jon Favreau
Dan Crossen review
We’re not just watching this film to see Iron Man do cool things, the characters really come into their own and we really begin to care about them.

The Bank Job - Dir: Rodger Donaldson
Reviewed by Callum Graham
I expected an average heist thriller, with the usual violent undertones that Jason Statham has brought to many of his recent films. I was surprised, but not necessarily in a good way
How to lose friends and Alienate People
Director- Robert B.Weide
Jess Armstrong Review
If the story sets out to scare potential journalists, it's probably done a good job
Run Fatboy Run DVD
Directed by David Schwimmer

Kathryn Honeycombe
What happened to the subtleties usually associated with Pegg’s films?
Rediscovering African Music in London
Ronald Elly Wanda
It is stimulating to once again see ‘Africa Jambo Band’ constructively drumming up mimetic harmonic melodies in north London
One Hundred Years of Solitude – Gabriel García Márquez - Sam Richards
From the first line to the last, Gabriel García Márquez’s magical realist tale takes the reader on an epic journey,

Walk the line
Directed by James Mangold
Callum Graham review
Its 1952, a young Johnny Cash returns home to Memphis after finishing active service.

The Master of Fallen Chairs
By Henry Porter
Reviewed by Callum Graham
I was compelled by the quirkiness of the world that Henry Porter has created and the phenomenon of the magic house was highly inventive

Laura Marling
Aby Davis Review
The Wedgewood rooms, Portsmouth. Amidst the company of young girls with un-straightened hair and charity shop scarves, and some mums wearing embroidered jeans I anticipated excellent live music from 18 year old new folk-ist, Laura Marling.
A Most Wanted Man by John Le Carré
Marcel D'Agneau review
Opening a new John Le Carré is like meeting an old friend

Knife of Never Letting Go
Patrick Ness
- Winner of the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize 2008 - and BookTrust prize
Now Out in Paperback

Borderlines Vol 2 A Literary Spark -
A University of Portsmouth publication from the School of Creative Arts, Film & Media - Buy now - available from Lulu Press & Blackwells, Amazon on-line

Borderlines Vol 2 - A literary Anthology of new fiction, travel writing and poetry from the Creative Writing Programmes and invited writers at the University of Portsmouth
'An exciting insight into the amazing talent and diversity of new writers ' Stuart Olesker

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