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The International Writers Magazine: Copenhagen:

Copenhagen Weekend
Aurelie Montfrond

Copenhagen has become a cosmopolitan city but still has this Scandinavian charm and culture. Arriving at the airport gives you a taste of what the town is like. Its inspiring Danish design is almost everywhere. I found agreeable how convenient and close to the city centre the airport was. You can catch the train directly from there to Kobenhavn Central station. It only takes twenty minutes.

Then I was only ten minutes by foot away from my hotel. The Hotel Alexandra situated on the main street H.C. Andersens Boulevard. The place is known for having gathered over the years exclusive pieces of design furniture by world famous Danish Architects such as Arne Jacobsen , Ole Wanscher , Hans J. Wegner and Finn Juhl.

Hotel Alexandra

Some rooms have been entirely and individually decorated with selected Danish design furniture as well as Danish art. My room was an homage to Danish architect Hans J.Wegner and had some of his best pieces of work. It seemed interesting how not only the rooms were decorated that way but the rest of the hotel such as the lobby and the restaurant had also been filled with Danish design chairs and tables. It made the place feel unique or rather made me feel unique. I guess anyone could appreciate their own uniqueness for every room is different whether one is here for business purposes or in search of a romantic escapade.

The Tivoli gardens may be to Copenhagen what the Tuileries garden are to Paris on a smaller scale but the difference is that it is also an amusement park open all year round located right in the city centre.
One of the stage theatres is strongly inspired by Asiatic architecture and stands out from the rest. There are many attractions, restaurants including the Hard rock cafe and souvenir shops. With its open-air stages, all kind of events are held during the year. Home to Europe’s longest tropical salt water aquarium. You can admire over a thousand fishes, sharks and rays in its thirty metres long reef.

Hundred of trees and thousands of flowers surrounds the fountain in the middle of the garden. The sight is quite mesmerising.

Right at the entrance is Tivoli workshop, a paradise for children and young at heart where you can build a bear. There is an extensive choice of bears in different shapes such as Dinosaurs, Rabbits, Pandas and Leopards.
Almost any animal you could imagine. They stuff them in front of your eyes. You can then dress your bear by choosing among the important selection of outfits. Some have Denmark flags or Tivoli inscriptions on them while others range from classical to disney outfits. It can sound a bit weird but that is what makes this shop special to Denmark.

Opposite Tivoli gardens is the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. It is an art museum dedicated to sculpture and paintings. Sculptures from ancient Egypt, Greece and the Roman Empire. Several sculptures of Marcus Aurelius titled with Roman emperor. It seems that I also knew him as a philosopher. Many unknown Romans sculpted faces. The paintings focused on Danish and French art from the nineteenth century onwards. There is a large number of pieces by the artists of the Danish gold age (1800-1850) including Eckersberg, Kobke and Lundbye.

The French paintings focus on Impressionism and Post-Impressionism with mainly works by Gaugin but also widely represented are Monet, Van Gogh, Pissaro or even Signac. Degas has its magnifique and famous "Danseuses" sculptures.

There is a winter garden in the center of the museum where you can have a coffee while enjoying again the furniture. As the museum cafe is exclusively decorated by Danish design furniture. The museum art bookshop has an interesting choice of books covering the entire museum collection published by the museum itself.

The Danish National Gallery or Statens museum for kunst is located near Norreport train station but is also accessible by foot from the city centre. Danish and foreign works from the fourteenth century and up to our time are exhibited there. New contemporary artists are also holding temporary exhibitions.

From the city hall square you can take a walk through the Latin Quarter nice pedestrian streets that has a lot of cafes, restaurants and shops. Then through the park to the port and admire the little mermaid statue. It seems that she wears a bunch of roses at the moment. I heard many different stories about the signification of the little mermaid statue. One said she was known to have waited a long time around the port for her lover to come back. I understood then that her lover had came back as she was carrying beautiful red roses or maybe not she was simply carrying them as a gift for her lover when he comes back.

Walking back towards the square through Bredgade Street where you can see the golden onion domes from a distance of the Russian Orthodox Church. From there on your left is the Amalienborg palace and royal residence. If you are around noon you will certainly come across the guard walk, as there is a changing of the guard daily.
At the top of the street, the most popular place in Copenhagen, Nyhavn around the canal is a colourful pedestrian street with many terraces cafes. The famous Hotel d’Angleterre stands at its ends along the royal theatre and department store Magasin du nord.

You can also choose to visit other museums than the ones I visited with the Copenhagen card. It gives you unlimited free access to transportation around the town and free entry to most attractions and museums. It has also discounts advantages for selected restaurants and shops.

It gives you the opportunity to appreciate and discover fully Copenhagen in a short time.

More info:
General and tour information, reservations:
Hotel Alexandra is situated in the city centre walking distance form tivoli gardens, nyhavn and little mermaid.
Nicely decorated with Danish design furniture.
Hotel Alexandra,
H.C. Andersens boulevard 8,
DK-1553 Copenhagen V
Museums and attractions:
-Tivoli gardens
3 Vesterbrogade,
Copenhagen V
-Ny carlsberg glyptotek
Dantes Plads 7,
1556 Copenhagen

Open Tuesday-Sunday 10 am-4 pm
Monday closed.
-Statens museum for kunst
Solvgade 48-50
1307 Copenhagen K

Tuesdays-Sundays 10 am- 5 pm.
Wednesdays 10 am- 8 pm.
Mondays closed.
Copenhagen card:
Wonderful Copenhagen

© Aurelie Montfront November 2008
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