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The International Writer's Magazine - April 2008 - Welcome
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Marianne de Nazareth

I have been in Swansea for almost eight months and it has rained and been depressing for most of those months.

Peugeot Vs Les Rues
Phil Grimes/Kristeen Griffin-Grimes

Thank heaven French cars are small. Drive through a typical village, and you realize that your basic SUV would never make it.

Elaheh Farmand

The first day. A stranger walking in your skin, through the calles, the streets of this beautiful town, Madrid
A Night on Sugar Mountain
Eric D. Lehman

The Sucrerie de la Montagne, or sugar-shack of the mountain, was the dream-turned-reality of Pierre Faucher ...
Berlin-Krakow Night Train
Ying -Lan Dann

"Krakow is an oasis, when they come, they can't seem to leave"

Thailand Adventure
Tabytha Towe in Thailand -
Part 3
If you didn't know any better or have enough common sense it is easy to get ripped off.
Australia - Part Two
Tabytha Towe
Melbourne is a pretty damned phenomenal city! It has everything you need

Keystone Kop-Out 4.26.08
James Campion
Why Barack Obama’s Inability To Bury The Clinton Ghost Dooms November
What Oil Crisis?

Michael Levy
Pumping up Oily Propaganda
Confession of an Elitist
James Campion

I am repeatedly, and in many ways, revoltingly astounded how utterly stupid most people are, and by most people, I mean anyone but me.
Bryan Blake
Pay no attention to Pennsylvania – consummate fundraiser Governor Ed Rendell has the state locked down,

Two for One Houses
Make Me an Offer- James Skinner
'What is a bubble?
Twists & Turns of an Arab traveler
Dr Marwan Asmar

We Arabs differ from Europeans, Arabs generally don’t have the ‘must holiday’ spirit on their calendar list, despite the fact things might be changing

Gone Kurtz - Mercanaries in Burma
Antonio Graceffo
Anyone fighting today should be doing it for free
Buying & Cooking Food in Spain
Colin Fisher

Frankenstein squid and shops the size of wardrobes

That Sucks -I'm Fine but you're screwed
Gabriel Constans
The way we speak drives me crazy!  Well, it doesn’t really “drive me” anywhere, nor causes me to have a psychotic break, but it can be intensely frustrating.
Encounter Nature Through the 12 Senses
Josef Graf
Most beings here - plant or animal - are melded into this spacious and soul-purifying landscape.

Youth and Beauty
Ben Smith

I awake only to move to the couch. And there I stay, rising only to down a Paxil.
People you May Know
Lexi Vance

A few days ago I’m lackadaisically browsing Facebook, when out of the corner of my eye something interesting pops up

A Florentine Affair to Remember
Antonia Greco

My night started out like any other: a dinner of risotto, accompanied by the finest bottle of Chianti that five euros could buy.

Let The Home Buyer Be Aware
Michael Levy

Considering buying a home right now? It's the fast track to the poor house

The Mule
James Skinner

‘There is a small fishing town tucked away in a miniscule bay on the north Atlantic on the southern coast of Galicia, Spain called Hio

Stupid Opinions on Linguistics held by failed Language Learners
Antonio Graceffo

There are a number of urban myths, and misconceptions, about the way we learn and process language.
A Week in Venice
Natalya Popova

First impression of Venice from the airplane window was a surprise: "Were we landing on water?"

The Fun Part - continues
Dean Borok
The monied interests reacted with dismay at Clinton’s huge victory.
—A livable metropolis
Awni Kawar

Amman is our pride-of-place, it is a local city yet so cosmopolitan in character. We need to make it greener in the next decade

Small Town America
Crap Towns - Part Three
Rosalea Hosetler
Expect the Unexpected
When you arrive at your new town on the prairies, stay in a motel!

The Eight Horsemen of 2012  
Paul Dale Roberts,
Why is 2012 so significant?  Should we be worried? Should we even care?
Heartland Families & teachers
Ari Kaufman

Growing up in a coastal "liberal" family, most of my friends shared similar, ignorant views on what those strict parents in the so-called "heartland" were all about.

Ari Kaufman
in SW Kentucky
This is America at its most authentic. I'd honestly say this is clearly one of my five or six favorite small cities in America now
New Family on the Block
Lois Tietzel
My first German Halloween - getting to know the zombies on our street

Doing the Mandango
Tyrel Nelson

It was a beautiful day. The Tuesday morning sun brilliantly shined over the tiny pueblo
Original Shorts
REVIEWS Film & Books
The Texas Long-Haired Rifle Association
Jim Parks

It took me a minute or two before I realized that Harry wasn't trying to pretend he didn't know me

Little Toy Pocketknife
Floyd Frank

Gary Horton used to have a Swiss Army knife that I enjoyed ridiculing

Koffee Kulture
Leigh Pierce

"Welcome to Karma Koffee, home of the $450 dollar coffee, how can I help?
Starting Out
Martin Green

I was pretty excited about getting the job on my first interview until I discovered that my salary would be $75 a week,

In the Lift
Tara L Clark

'This is no big deal.' Jerry mumbled to himself while clutching his briefcase
White Oleander
Alun Williams

We decided to run away after Betty’s parents found out she was pregnant.

James C. Clar

"Liam, I’m not much of one when it comes to pets," she began.

Moon Steere
Mark Cunliffe

The year is 1744.
A big fat harvest moon shone that night upon the forests of the village of Moon Steere as Tom Carter ran for his life.
Adam Graupe

“Connie, I found the solution to our problems.”  Darwin reached into his front pocket and removed a Powerball lottery ticket

The Beverely Birch Interview

Abby Davis

Finding myself sitting in front of a woman with 43 books in her name and the power to make and break young writers dreams is rather humbling

Iron Man

Directed by Jon Favreau
Starring Robert Downey jnr, Terrence Howard, Jeff Bridges, Gwyneth Paltrow
Jack Clarkson review
Nobody but Robert Downey Jr. himself could ever have played Tony Stark quite so well

Dr. King's Refrigerator, & Other Stories, by Charles Johnson
Dan Schneider review

American novelist Charles Johnson has published three collections of short stories ... this third collection, released by Scribner's in 2005, is by far the weakest.
Teenage Kicks by Clive Gifford
Gavin Gerlach review

Despite youth being wasted on the young, Clive Gifford seems determined to get teenagers everywhere to make the most of their formative years with Teenage Kicks.

Fashionistas: Irina by Sarra Manning
Hodder Children's Books
Aby Davis review

Irina Kerchenko is trying to nick a dress from a Moscow Prada when she is spotted.

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and
little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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