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The International Writers Magazine: Review

Teenage Kicks by Clive Gifford
Hodder Children's Books
ISBN-10: 0340950617
ISBN-13: 978-0340950616

Gavin Gerlach Review

Despite youth being wasted on the young, Clive Gifford seems determined to get teenagers everywhere to make the most of their formative years with Teenage Kicks.

Teenage Kicks is a barmy, brilliant and hilarious odyssey of a book, where the point is to build up a ‘TK’ score by completing 101 things to do before you’re 16. And given the list takes in everything from a shopping trolley grand prix, to the best custard pie, and from seeing the sunset on Macchu Picchu to learning to juggle, there really is something for teenagers (and adults who still think they are) everywhere.

And it isn’t all about fun, either. Gifford’s social conscience is also firmly in place, with energy-saving, tree-planting, recycling and helping the aged all making appearances. And, for awkward teenagers across the nation, first kisses and getting over that teenage crush are also accounted for.

Teenage Kicks is the perfect companion to any bored teenager, and is just as fun, interesting and entertaining for the rest of society as well. Youth wasted on the young? Not anymore!

Gavin Gerlach April 2008>

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