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The International Writers Magazine:Election '08

The Fun Part - continues
Dean Borok

With Hillary Clinton’s big victory in the Pennsylvania primary, we should immediately see Barack Obama’s campaign funding start to dry up. That’s because its Republican sources, seeing that he can’t put her away and despairing of seeing their good money chase bad, will shift their funding to McCain.

The monied interests reacted with dismay at Clinton’s huge victory. Dow and S&P futures are down this morning. They are petrified at the prospect of the chickens coming home to roost. Given the monstrous Republican stewardship of this country and the world economy at large they have plenty to fear from an inflamed electorate this November. The U.S. stands poised to embark on a vast social revolution presided over by – THE CLINTONS!

Obama was the chisel in Republican hands that shattered the Democratic Mona Lisa, their last firewall against the deluge (sorry for the mixed metaphor). He is still in the race but it remains to be seen how long he will be able to withstand all the body shots he will be forced to endure as ol’ HiliRocky steps inside to get mean and personal. Forget the delegate count. This is going to be a slugfest with the title going to the last man/woman standing.

The Clintons treated Obama with kid gloves for fear of offending the black vote, but last weekend’s attack ads demonstrate that that phase of the process over.  Now we get to see if Obama can endure the kind of treatment the Clintons have been living with day-and-night for the past 20 years. This Clinton primary victory, with the ensuing battle it is going to provoke, may be the death knell for the Democratic coalition that has existed since Roosevelt. The African-American block are almost surely going to create their own party.

The only thing left for the Republicans is to bring out Dick Cheney and his shotgun. And I’m not trying to be funny. There is every possibility that the vast right-wing conspiracy might decide that American democracy is a concept that has run its course. In that case, Hillary Clinton might have to draw on her Bosnian sniper-dodging experience. Seeing the chaos in the Democratic Party, the Republicans might decide that the time was never better to declare a national security emergency, declare a coup d'etat and suspend the election, supported by a large rump of the electorate, maybe 25-30%. Where would that leave us?

© Dean Borok

Hillary Phoenix Rising
Dean Borok

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