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Rebecca Lowe's
Bicycle Blog to the Middle East Latest Update: 7.12.15
Croatia to Bosnia ...
Love & Vodka (extract)
R.J. Fox
Still feeling the buzz from the Crimean wine we consumed, we headed to the bus stop in preparation of our 12-hour ride back Dnepropetrovsk.
Table Mountain
Make Africa Your Winter Escape
Ibtisaam Ganief
Breath-taking sights, exciting wildlife, friendly people and a fantastic climate ...
Chicken Man
R.J. Fox (More from Love & Vodka)
Sergei turned off the main road, onto a very narrow, dirt road that seemed barely wide enough for a bike—let alone a car. Somehow he managed to make the car fit, even if it meant scraping against a tree ...
Go To Dubai This New Year’s Eve
Ibtisaam Ganief

Celebrate New Year with friends in a fabulous setting this 2015

Time to Hold Your Breath in Spain
James Skinner

With recent terrorist attacks in France, Belgium and elsewhere in the world it is only natural that the present Spanish government is on a ‘high alert’ mode during the upcoming election 20.12.15
Daesh War Crime
War Crimes, Genocide, Terrorism
Defining Terror - Antonio Graceffo

In the aftermath of the November, 2015 terrorist attacks on Paris, the internet was ablaze with arguments and opinions, many of which were understandably emotionally charged...
Apres Paris Le Deluge
James Campion

+ Readers Responses
The tragedy in Paris was horrifying; one might say, terrifying ...

Cultural Values
Tom Kilcourse

There are many in our society who are sufficiently keen to promote what they call ‘universal values’ that they play down or ignore features of our culture.
New Jersey Roast
Dean Borok

New Jersey = Jerry Lewis, Bruce Willis, Frank Sinatra, the Sopranos...
Christmas in Chicago
Fred C. Wilson III

Chicago in December can be a wonderful experience if you know where to go. You’re doubly blessed if you have an ample supply of dollars...
Belize kids
Letters from Belize
Caroline Ervin

We landed in Belize - I saw a land so beautiful that I wanted the bus ride through it to last forever
Defacing the Syrian Stigma
John Lambert

These refugees have not set out to change American culture or the American way of life.
How to Beat Rejection
Sam North

Nobody likes to be rejected.  It can damage your self-esteem, affect your future work or relationships and even how others judge you.

REVIEWS Film & Books
Montgomery, Magalee and the Magi
Reed Sterling

A young moon, and old moon, a full moon—I could not make it out, but moonlight fell through veils of cloud hanging over Zambeliou Street. Revellers in other parts of the Old Port were yet at their fireworks.
Play That Thing
(For Miriam)
Andrew Lee-Hart

I almost walked passed it. A small café, hidden between a newsagent and a kebab shop, on one of the main thoroughfares of Camden.
The Wild Bird’s Progeny
Abigail George

In a doorway stands an entire choir of voices that bloom in an oblivion and not one of those voices belong to me.
Secondhand Pants
Julie McSmith

He had never bought himself a single shirt, tie, or pair of shoes. This year, however, all of his wool and corduroy pants frayed and stretched beyond usability ... he'd have to replace them...
Cousin Bobby
Martin Green

I became aware that I had a cousin Bobby at one of our family occasions, a wedding or a seder, I don’t remember which...
Cuba Art
The Sauce
Jerry Billstrom's Cuba stories

Al woke with a start to the agonized yelps of his dog whom he discovered ham-strung in the steel grating on the balcony security gate ...
Another Place TO Die
Another Place
to Die: Endtime Chronicles
The perfect antidote to Christmas.
Order or download now

six of crows
Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
Sam Hawksmoor review

Six of Crows led the bestseller list in the New York Times for weeks – It is certainly the best and most exciting book I have read all year...
Unravelling the Mystery of Two Millennia - James Campion
I absolutely love The Christos Mosaic, a page-turning masterpiece of a thriller with more than an undertone of controversial reimagining of Biblical history.
Bruno (Netflix review)
Dan Schneider

Bruno is funny, but, in almost every way, and despite featuring a different character, it is an inferior film to Borat.

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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