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The International Writers Magazine: Top Three destinations to visit in Africa

Best Places to Escape Winter
• Ibtisaam Ganief

Table Mountain

Before you commit to spending yet another year in Europe for your annual holiday break, why not take a moment and consider a continent with a vast array of beautiful, breath-taking sights, exciting wildlife, friendly people and a fantastic climate! Africa has countless destinations suited to every type of holiday taste. Whether you are looking for a house in the forest, a game safari experience or a beach resort by the sea, Africa has it all. Let’s take a look at three of the top tourism destinations situated on the African continent.

South Africa
Llandundno Beach ZA If you are looking for a country of variety, where one place is so incredibly different to the next, then South Africa should be next on your travel bucket list. For those going on a business trip, the city of gold, Johannesburg is a bustling melting pot of culture and vibrancy. For those looking to have a lazy holiday and live the high life, then Cape Town is for you. Delight also in the botanical gardens of Kirstenbosch.
Photos: Llandudno Beach + Cape Town
© Sam North 2010
Some of the best beaches, restaurants and hotels in the world are situated in the Cape – perfect if you are looking for glorious mountains and sparkling seas. South Africa is a great place to take a road trip too, with amazing scenic drives along the Garden Route to Wilderness and meet the Ostriches of Oudshoorn. Discover superb holiday gems hidden along the way and amazing food experiences.  Explore Stellenbosch and the wine routes of the Cape. Cape Town

Morocco is one of the most colourful places on the planet and if you are looking for a getaway filled to the brim with exciting excursions and food that is just too good to describe, then Morocco is the place for you. Visit the bustling markets to bargain for leather and silver, as well as clay pots and mats or spend your days lazing by the pools of one of the all-inclusive beach resorts. Head to the desert for 4x4 tours, sandboarding and an overnight stay, complete with traditional food and music performances. Morocco
Majorelle Garden The desert is a destination that must be seen in order to be believed. Explore Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech and the lush vivid floral displays. An enchanted garden in the heart of 'Ochre City'. Marrakesh’s medieval walled medina, offers amusement in its Djemaa el-Fna square and souks. Morocco's capital city is Rabat where you'll find the 12th Century 'Kasbah of the Udayas' overlooking the ocean; its largest city is its main port, Casablanca.


Unimaginable vast landscapes as far as the eye can see and adventurous tours is the name of the game in Botswana, which was recently awarded the best travel destination in Africa.

During the day, indulge in various safari tours, elephant riding, quad biking, fishing, 4x4 off-road adventures and more and spend the evenings in anything from a budget bed and breakfast to a luxury tented camp.

Explore the modern capital Gaborone. This is after all Madame Precious Ramotswe country from the world famous No.1 Detective Agency by Alexander Mcall Smith.

Botswana Weaving and DesignBotswana Textile Design


Botswana is a place where you can witness the most beautiful flora and fauna as well as see various animals, birds and reptiles up close, a rare and enthralling experience not to be missed!

What are you waiting for? Book that plane ticket and explore the most magical continent in the world today!
* Direct flights to Jo'Burg and Cape Town are available with connections to Botswana.

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