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Welcome to this January edition of Hackwriters. Read us and the amazing archives too. 16 years on-line, 7663 articles - reviews - stories - travel - share any feature you like and pass them on using the share link.

Editorial: January 2015

The foxes returned today (20.01.15) - lured by some brief winter sun. This is the third generation since I have lived here and this pair stick together - despite some squabbles - mostly about sex. Although the vixen does like to nibble the males ears - so she must like him a little. I like it that they feel safe in my garden - even if they are deeply upset that I am a vegetarian and offer no scraps. Someone has been poisoning them around here so I am glad this pair have survived - so far.

Je Suis Charlie
Yes we are all horrified by the actions of extremists in Paris against the right to freedom of speech. The reaction in France has been very stoic with 2 million gathering in silence and applause - an excellent display of solidarity with the fallen writers and artists and the police who tried to protect them at Charlie Hebdo. Freedom is precious to us and so easily lost. Tolerance is to be cherished. James Campion and Tom Kilcourse discuss the events in Hackwriters this month.
Of course in Africa the imans stir people up in reaction to the new edition of the magazine and many churches burn as a consequence, but where I ask, is the task force to deal with Boko Haram? They murder Nigerians wholesale and burn whole towns as they carve out territory in nothern Nigeria. Nigeria deserves someone a whole lot better than Goodluck Johnathan as President. Sadly they probably won't get it.

There’s a lot to worry about in 2015.  Elections in Spain that might produce a radical extreme left wing result. Elections in the UK that might give us a socialist victory with the lamest leader of all time and one who is closely allied to Marxist theories which did so well for the Soviet Union all those years.  And Greece may implode January 25th and trigger a collapse of the Euro. All this against a background of oil falling below $50 a barrel, which although good for the consumer will actually destabilise almost every major company that has borrowed against a high oil price and certainly all the oil producing countries that have neglected manufacturing at home, as it was so easy to live off the oil revenues (Russia, Nigeria come to mind).  China will be the clear winner as they import all their oil and it makes them even harder to compete with on price.  They are already flexing their muscles on the world stage and could turn aggressive against Taiwan and Japan to distract from political problems at home.  The trillions of dollars of borrowed for property for example. When and if China contracts we will feel it sharply.

The USA is thriving again, but this is built on the shoulders of oil independence from Saudi Arabia – with the price of oil heading south – the shale oil /fracking industry could tank, destabilise the banks and put the Arabs in the driving seat again.  Which is their plan all along one suspects. There’s a ton of other problems from Ebola, on the wane we hope, and Islamic State still spreading their poison all over the Middle East. So we are in for a rocky ride in 2015.


So who can one look to for inspiration?  I had a lesson in that, late December, when asked to look after Mr Trouble for a week over Christmas.  Mr Trouble is a Cocker-Poo.

He’s naughty, doesn’t take well to discipline, will chew everything – Christmas cards, hats, gloves, carpets, slippers, shoes – whatever he can grab he will rip to shreds. But out on the beach he is this wonderful optimistic playful creature where he expects every dog to be his friend and invites them to chase him.  If they show willing he turns and bolts as fast as he can and reverses the situation on the turn.  Mr Trouble loves life, gives a huge amount of affection and keeps going for hours and hours and hours.  Trouble expects you to love him, walk him, feed him and he just doesn’t really think about any consequences of any misdeed he will inevitably get up to the moment you take your eyes off him.  He is completely deaf to the word ‘No’.

I know, it’s a dog you say.  How can you be inspired by a dog?  Especially giving all the problems coming down the road ahead.  Well simply put – it’s wonderful to be part of something, someone, a dog in this case, that simply loves being alive and expects everyone to be as enthusiastic about life as he is.  I don’t always look forward to the next day, I am pessimistic about the life ahead, but Mr Trouble doesn’t look ahead. He lives in the now and the now is amazing every day.  So for 2015 – my aim is to have more regard for the now and less fear of the days ahead.  I am hoping that it will induce a modicum of happiness and well-being.  If it doesn’t I can always go back to fretting about Milliband, Junker and Jeb Bush as if they actually matter. 

Happy New Year to all our readers – may this year be the best you ever had.
© Sam North – Joint Editor January 2015
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