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The Falls
If I Could Only Find the Words

Tyrel Nelson

Cementing friendship volunteering in Xiloxochico, Mexico
Vietnam post
The Postcard Seller
Jo McMillan in Vietnam

The following day, I met the postcard seller again ...
The American Inn
Eric D Lehman

I had lodged at inns in Europe, but never in America. They were rare here, like otters or elm trees.
Surfer's Paradise
Rich Cooper in Australia
Thirty minutes after our entry the music stopped and the 'Miss Bikini Contest' started. For some strange reason I cannot remember much after that.

Kigali, Rwanda
Tabytha To - Still in Africa

The Untouchable Triumvirate
James Campion 6.19.20
Military, Religion, Police - as a democratic premise it is horrifying that these three institutions have been mostly above oversight or even simply questioning.
Trump with Bible
“Psychopath with a Bible ”
James Campion
A Photo as Microcosm of a Weird, Dying Presidency

Odd. Staged. Cryptic. Grotesque. Defiant. Stoic. Vacant. The image is all of these and so much more ...
Eric Garner Is George Floyd Is Murder
James Campion

“I Can’t Breathe” Part II
Minneapolis is burning. A police precinct is breached. There is the usual looting and insanity, calls for calm, mayoral and gubernatorial speeches....
How Writing Is Good For Your Physical and Mental Health - Indiana Lee
Words are about more than just communicating with others; they’re about turning inward, connecting with your own mind, spirit, and body.

Simple Ways Writers Can Benefit from Technology
Indiana Lee
As a writer, everything starts with your hardware. 6.9.20
What Matters
Dying with Dignity
The biggest knock on the head happens when you witness someone you love dying
Ant& Grasshopper
The Ant & The Grasshopper: A Pandemic Fable
Martin Green

And the winner is ...

The unexpected forgiveness
of a man

Katrina Roberts
‘It’s not you, it’s me’. Grrr...
2020 in 2000
What did we think 2020 would be like twenty years ago? See if the experts got it right.

REVIEWS Film & Books
A New York Virgin

Sam North in the Heights
On a perfect day you’d call your friends about it, meet for coffee and laugh. But that’s the hard part living in a new city, making friends.

Jean S. Brown
"Will we ever get in?" Jasmine asked. She was tiring from waiting outside the auditorium.

Things You Never Knew
You Never Knew

Emmanuel Iduma
I am going to tell you the truth. I have lied for so long and I am tired of living a double life.

Oswaldo Jimenez

The old man lived in a house by the water near the Sound on a property adjacent to my middle school. Some said he was mad, others said he was disfigured. The kids at my school said he was a vampire.

Ernst Renan
Life of Jesus by Ernst Renan
Charlie Dickinson review

What a delightful surprise. Ernest Renan, French, has written a sincere biography, based on the four Gospels and Flavius Josephus et. al. With utmost care he strives to uncover truth and render a nuanced life.
The Windup Girl
Paolo Bacigalupi

a brilliant biogenetic noir thriller.

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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