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Kigali, Rwanda

Tabytha To - Part Three in Africa
February 2020: The Week Before Lockdown in Africa
- The Best Coffee in the world is here! 15.5.20
Living On the Reserve
Tabytha in Africa - Part Two
Conservation Week with Lions & other precious creatures.
The World’s New Frenemy: Zoom
Grace Samuelson
Zoom Life will be the new normal?
Death, Debauchery and Desert: Africa’s Wild South-West
Christopher Clark

Until a couple of months ago I knew next to nothing about Namibia. I have since discovered that the same is true for most people outside of Germany (Namibia’s former colonial ruler) and those countries that share its borders.

The Political Implosion of Spain
James Skinner
Political Fallout from Covid Lockdown
New York
Get Out There and Save The Day
James Campion
Time for Americans to Risk Their Lives For the Good Ole U.S.A. -
... it’s time we save the idiot and the idiot’s country by putting our and our families’ lives at risk. Have a nice summer.
smelling roses
Before and After

Sam Hawksmoor
Some thoughts before I open the wine .
Break free
In a Creative Rut? Some Exercises & Actions To Improve Your Writing
Indiana Lee

There are many ways to keep that creative spark alive and well

Content is King
How Writers Can Utilize Marketing Tools To Expand Their Personal Brand
- Indiana Lee
if you want to have your written voice heard, sooner or later you need to seek out the limelight
Lockdown at 90: 5.17.20
Martin Green's lockdown diary

I wrote at the end of March that I wondered what the next month would bring.  The answer was that it brought a full-blown pandemic upon the world and to the United States.  
Little Richard
'Little Richard' Wayne Penniman

1932 - 2020
James Campion

Black. Gay. Primitive. Showbiz. Inventive. Influential. Penitent.
Little Richard was all of these.
Mailer, Norman - reappraised
Dean Borok

The funny thing about Norman Mailer’s antagonism towards women is that he always felt the need to keep them around him.  He married six times.

REVIEWS Film & Books
The Repercussions of Tomas D
The Making of a hero in 1941
The Fungus of Friendship
Eric D Lehman
Money has ruined many frendships...
Uncle Pringle and the Kidnappers 
Martin Green

“You’ve got to help me.”

The Man in the Middle of the Room
Michael Levy
One night just before he went to sleep he felt a strange sensation come over his whole being.
El Jinetero
Barbara Torresi

The sky was hurtful to watch, a flat distension of grey steel threatening to hang over his head like a divine chastisement throughout the northern winter, eight months of unrelenting misery poisoning the hearts of England’s adopted derelicts.

From Our Archives
Snakes And Earrings
by Hitome Kanehara

Charlie Dickinson review

Haruki Murakami
Haruki Murakami
a retrospective by Sam North
Sputnik Sweetheart
by Haruki Murakami

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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