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Krakow to Auschwitz: A Fusion of History - Valery Collins
How often do we use the phrase ‘it is against my principals’?  I remember using it the first time I visited Krakow and was given the opportunity to go to Auschwitz.
The Leh Trip
Praveen Kumar, CEO, JoGuru.

Touted as a bikers Paradise, Leh is one of the must visit place for a biker especially for the sheer driving experience. Once you visit Leh on a bike, you feel like you have conquered the world.
Explore Authentic Amsterdam
Paul-Christian Markovski
Amsterdam is fun.

Trump & Kim
Fascism 101
James Campion 02.21.20
The Swift Erosion of Democracy in Living Color
- The most formidable faction of our legislative branch has been severely compromised by fear and a lust for keeping power
The Bernie Problem 02.14.20
James Campion
Democratic Primaries Kick Off with Chaos & Fear
- Will the Youth Vote stick with him and come out in November?

Learning Curve
Dean Borok

Sometimes looking for the good in people can turn you into worse of a misanthrope when they fail to live up to their own good qualities. That’s particularly true when you live in New York
No Dancing in the Aisle on this Bus
Michael Chacko Daniels
“Seniors, wait till the bus stops before you get up to get off; every 19 minutes a senior dies in America from a fall,” the driver says.
Impeachment Follies
James Campion
Another Element of Governing Where No One Wins - Impeachment is hard. There have only been three in the nearly 244 years of this nation’s existence

REVIEWS Film & Books
So you think you can outsmart a Pandemic? Think again...
Another Place To Die:
The Endtime Chronicles

Hawksmoor & North

Chapter One: Warning Signals
‘Those who stay in this city will die by the sword, famine and pestilence, but they who go out beyond to places of safety will survive. Our cities will be overwhelmed by darkness.’
Prophet Arnold: Church of Final Redemption 29:1-5

The Day Before the Pandemic Arrived

Sam Hawksmoor
Everyday another shop or factory closed.  The whole city was crumbling as people fled, or were just too scared to go outside. 
The Onset of Menopause
Abigail George
Aren't all women cautious, seeking, seriously breathtaking, and divine in the arms of the right man. They are divine, aren't they. Pain is wasted in youth. It is like driftwood in my hands.
Buying the House   
Martin Green

Tim opened his eyes,  saw sunlight slanting through the blinds and knew what he’d be doing that Saturday... searching for their first house in the suburbs.

Books & Film over the last 20 years
Jo Jo Rabbit
In Praise of Jojo Rabbit *Oscar winner – The Best Film I Have Seen in a Decade
James Campion

We have to dance to show God we are grateful for being alive
The Siberian Dilemma
By Martin Cruz Smith
Pub: Simon & Schuster 5.11.19
Sam North review

This is fast paced stuff and there are bears (if you are vegan you might just get a bit squeamish)

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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