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Sand in my shoes
Karen Eeuwens

a strange pang of emptiness
came over me
Jordan’s Azraq Wetland, a heaven for ecotourists - Marwan Asmar
It was 6:15 in the morning, there was a chill in the air but the dew and the mist were intertwining with the brilliant sunshine.
French Bike
Flying Bicycles & Italian Politics on the Adriatic Coast
Thomas P. Coppock

We rode our bikes from Copenhagen to Thessaloniki, Greece. One night on Italy’s Adriatic Coast stands out…
Casablanca in Winter
Joe Gill
I had only just arrived in Casablanca and decided to get straight into the heart of it.
A Tale of Two Woman
Todhunter on love and power

I was trapped. I was trapped in a hotel I didn't want to be in, in a town I wanted to get away from.

Time to Go
James Campion 10.24.20
The Issue That Makes Donald Trump An Enemy of The State -
He should not be president, he should be in prison.
Senior Citizen Exodus
James Campion 10.17.20
The Final Bell Tolls for Trump & Republicans 

Donald Trump trails seniors nationally by 20 points!
The Predicatable Grand Pivot
James Campion 10.10.20
Doomed Republicans Begin Scurrying Off the Sinking Trump Ship

Orwellian Spain
James Skinner

The law of Democratic Memory seeks to obliterate Spanish history

The Importance of Writing from Experience 10.16.20
Indiana Lee
Mark Twain famously said to “write what you know.” ... it’s a good piece of advice to keep in mind whether you’re just getting started as a writer.
The Week Trump Got Covid-19
James Campion

When Poetic Justice Makes It’s 2020 Presidential Election Appearance - a hilariously immaculate example of the cruel dynamics found in the universal code of karma
The Semiotics of Cool
James Evans
Are you cool? Am I cool? Who is cool? Cool – don’t sweat it.
An Actor's Lot
Arna Geir Berteksen

It takes a certain kind of person to endure all the ups and downs that go with it. Acting is for lunatics only.
The European low-cost airlines - how can they be so cheap to fly?
Nick Millman

Will you miss Ryanair when it's gone?

REVIEWS Film & Books
Secrets From The Dust
Warren Hamilton

The pang pang gooks all laughed as their several tiny fingers raced over the bushes, plucking at the wild riberries, which were fat with juice. The girl that they sometimes called Snake-woman-child, darted in and out of the scrub with an athletic ease
The Test
Sam Hawksmoor
If they’d already made their choices he wanted to know now, not go through a whole lot of stupid tests to discover he was never in the running anyway.

The Hurricane Hits Crepe Myrtle Court
Allen Cook

Storms frequently circled Bob’s head.  Because Florence was meteorological, not simply windy imagination, his whilom fear now registered approximately nine on a disaster scale of ten.
The Thief of Bottles
Sidi Cherkawi Benzahra
Once my father owned an auto-body shop in a wooded area in the district of Agdal, Rabat, Morocco. The shop had two dusty windows and a little light, grayed by this dust

King of Scars
King of Scars
by Leigh Bardugo

Sam Hawksmoor review
Brilliant new adventure in the Grishaverse
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Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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