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The International Writer's Magazine - March 2006 - Welcome

Hackwriters '06

The Colors of Cusco
Eric D Lehman in Peru

Guatemala: Primavera Del Ixcan
Katie Thayer

Venice & Trieste
Wynn Wheldon on Italy

Driving Deep South
Ari Kaufman
the real USA

A Walk in Lumpini Park
Ryan Humphries in Thailand
Nightmare in Paradise
Colin Todhunter in Goa
Summer Nights in Italy
Raymond Clement goes camping

33 Hours on a Bogata Bus
Dan Gringold

President on Trial at High School
James Campion

What the hell is the problem here? The very foundation of our democracy challenged?
Traveler v Tourist
Joshua Silvent

...tourists are irritating, helpless, contemptible - locals hate them... debate
Druze: A small peace of Israel
Kevin Widdop

an anomaly in the Arab world

Losing Momentum
PL George on a CD launch disaster
what’s happened to everybody?  Age, I think…maybe they’ve been there, done that…
Joining Indicorps
Reva Sharma volunteers

I made a silent promise to myself, that this would be the beginning and not the end.
What Matters
Leslie Chen on dying with dignity
My grandmother was the toughest woman I know.
Haircutters Inc
Dmetri Kakmi
So, what motivates hairdressers?
The Great Tennis Battle
Martin Green takes revenge
Sorry it's like this
Mark Cunliffe in the gangster café

Clare Sager all marooned
The Usher Woman
Clare Sager - the crimson bed
Richard Corwin on the battlefield
In The Dark
Lauren Almey
in hiding
The Playing Field
Gemma Roxy Williams is death
The Collector
Richard Corwin
wonders if he should call in sick
The Kamping Fuhrer
John Edwards in a tent
Nobody's Child
Joseph Grant with a tale of wife abuse

The Old 88
Gerald Grant - a new Sherlock Holmes adventure
Mark Cunliffe
-where old spies go to ground
Ship Fever by Andrea Barrett
Gabriela Davies review
A Mouth Like Yours
by Daniel Duane
A Charlie Dickinson Review
Disgrace by J M Coetzee
A Dan Schnieder review
Waiting by Ha Jin
A Dan Schnieder review
Long Way Back by Brendan Halpin
A Charlie Dickinson review
Human Rights
James Skinner
ponders prison life

James Campion
The news you didn't want to read

A Very Long Engagement
A Dan Schnieder review
Grizzly Man
A Dan Schnieder Review

Red Moon by Rachel Anderson
Vanessa Hyde review

V for Vendetta

Dir James McTeigue
Clare Sager/Gemma Williams review

Lucky Number Slevin
Dir Paul McGuigan
Sam North review
A Swift Pure Cry by Siobhan Dowd

Clare Sager review
Permanent Rose by Hilary McKay
Katie Baillie review
Damage by Sue Mayfield
Lucy Baily Review
Illmore Chronicles: The Dwellings Debacle
by David Lee Stone -
Keren Arnold review
Six Shooter- Dir Martin Donagh Oscar winner
Sacha Markin review

A Dog for Life by L S Mathews
Rowena Betts review
Mack and Mabel - The Musical
Ben Macpherson at the preview
Let's Get Lost by Sarra Manning
Jenny Atkins review
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The Blood of the Lord
W A Harbinson
Anna wanted God
Tom wanted Anna
Steve just wanted money
Then came the miracle...

Under the Rotunda
Danny Bernadi

Russell tried his best to be available for the staff but nobody dared approach him in case he gave them more work

The Goa File
James Skinner

Extract from his novel about the Falkland's War

Poor Cottontop
Philip E. Hardy
At noontime on the following day, Sheriff Maynard arrived at Ellison's jail cell to escort him to his execution.

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