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Six Shooter
Directed by
Martin McDonagh

Sacha Markin

This black and bloody Irish comedy came to the world’s attention when it won the 2006 Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film at the last month’s luvvie-fest in LA.vbProduced by BBC exec Kenton Allen (who reportedly worked on the film while on holiday from his day job) and written and directed by British-born Martin McDonagh, Six Shooter takes the viewer on a journey into a strange and dark world – and back again.

The film – which lasts all of 27 minutes – sees Brendan Gleeson starring as a middle-aged widower who comes into contact with one very excitable yet disturbed young man, played by the talented Irish actor Ruaidhri Conroy, during a train journey home after just losing his wife.

From the opening scene that see’s Gleeson’s wife demise, to a suspected suicide, a bloody shoot out and a crazy sideline of an exploding cow, death hangs extremely heavy over this film.

The performances of every actor are nothing short of outstanding and the plot line is enthralling, though completely bizarre. There was a lot of second guessing going on when I watched Six Shooter, however it is the eventual outcome of the piece and the highly comic surreal element running throughout that this largely film rests on.

Although compelling on levels, the whole experience of Six Shooter left me feeling perplexed and almost slightly disorientated by the actions of each and every character.

A theatrical, DVD and iTunes release of 'Six Shooter' is due in May of this year.

© Sacha Markin March 2006
NCTJ trainee journalist and freelance writer
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