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The International Writer's Magazine - April 2006 - Welcome

Hackwriters '06

Treking with the Bokor Rangers
Antonio Graceffo in Cambodia

Where The Spirits Dwell
Anthony Maddalena in Malaysia
Some of the rarest animal and plant life in the world beckons
Cairo Rediscovered
Tarig Elkashef
This a city will touch your heart
Medellin, Columbia
Tom Glaister
Best Kept Travel Secret
Ascending Kilimanjaro
Bruce Bailey - Kenya orphans
her shoes have no laces
Habeeb Salloum in Mexico

El Mirador
John Finnegan in Guatemala

Cinque Terre, Italy
Amber Turnau
Tunisian Christmas
Ann Dymond
Iran Crisis a Fraud
James Campion
Nukes no solution
Writing and Political Freedom
Eric D Lehman

Homeland Insecurity: Fear & Fighting in CA
M Joseph Hunt

Jack Shenker on Israel

Rebel Youth in Mass Protests
James Skinner

E for Extremism
Joshua Lineberry on V for Vendetta

Mr Mojo Sinking
James Campion on second term disasters

Scooter's Song - will Libby sing?
James Campion

Viva Cheap Labor
James Campion

Is ETA's peacefor real?
James Skinner

Tammy Gillis
Canadian Lifestyles
La Jintera
Barbara Torresi -Cuban sex workers
I Don't Want your freedom
Eugene Englebrecht on
South Africa
Cooler than Thou: Lost in Austin
Sara Whelan on badge couture
Why You Are Still Fat
Robert Levin
on obesity
Mother Africa
Trista Mrema discovering Arusha at election time
Farewell to Ronnie Barker
Sacha Markin
No 'Stars' for the Eclipse
Robert Levin

Building Houses in Costa Rica
Wes Weston
for Habitat
What's Up Doc?
Trita Mrema consults her Doctor
My War on America's Drugs
Ginette Ballard - USA is killing itself

A Lifeless Companion
Caitlin Metland visits hospital

Andrea Moser collects Bukowski reject slips

Parmesan Elephants

Mark Culiffe
Miles wondered what happened to his true feelings for his wife.
Angry Words
James Ryder walks out

he had no idea where he was
Johhny Gets his car
Jerry Billstrom
Johnny was a different kid
Jo Green
A fat pig was hanging on a stick between two men’s shoulders
The Hungerton Dungeon
A Sherlock Holmes adventure
Gerald Grant

No sign of the boy was ever found
The Twins
Richard Corwin
We gotta go together or not at all
The Decision
Martin Green on life choices
There seemed only one thing left for him to do: return to New York
The Paperclip Counter
J Giles
with insights into business efficiency

American Tabloid by James Ellroy
Michael Halmshaw review
Why We Fight
Directed by Frank Capra
Dan Schnieder review
George Washington
Directed by David G Green
Dan Schnieder
Them by Jon Ronson
Dan Schnieder review

Tremble and Ennui by Edgar Nicaud
A Charlie Dickinson review of the New Orleans satire
Desert Rain by Wallace Dorian
Barbara Kowal review
Red Moon by Rachel Anderson
Vanessa Hyde review

The Curse of the Toads
by Rebecca Lisle

A Gemma Williams review
Diamonds - The Rush of '72
by Sam North
George Olden review

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The Goa File Part Two
James Skinner
The CIA connection
in the Falklands conflict

Early Times: The Origins of Stanford University
Jerry Franks
It reminded him of the master and mistress visiting the hired help.

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