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Shanghai in the Fast Lane
Eric D. Goodman

The sheer density of Shanghai sort of hits you in the face as you drive into it. Some say the city is literally sinking under the weight of it’s own development ...
Stanley Park
Beautiful Vancouver
Fred C. Wilson III
Vancouver’s a city of wondrous excitement, a world class city which boasts of fine art galleries, great restaurants and more

Time for Chris Christie to Go to Jail
James Campion
Obstruction of Justice, Perjury, Abuse of Power - Time for our governor to go to jail. - He won’t. - But he should.
The Gary Johnson Factor
James Campion

Libertarian Candidate’s Mighty Wrench Any way you slice it, Gary Johnson is a factor in 2016, which is why he should be allowed to debate on September 26
Alice Cooper
Why Not Alice?
James Campion

As Chaos Reigns: The Coop Launches Late Run for the Presidency
Madam Shoo-In: Daily Crisis
James Campion

How can a woman become president? Look no further than her opponent - racially insulated, and tone deaf.

Will there ever be a Government in Spain? James Skinner 14.09.16
Can a Spanish Government be formed or face a third election on Christmas Day. Madrid is tense as the political divisions seem entrenched.
China vs US Olympic Sports Training Compared
Antonio Graceffo, PhD, China MBA

China’s inability to top the Olympic medal charts in all but the 2008 games, which they hosted, demonstrates the limitations of the Soviet sport school system
Rio: The Destination Summer 2016
Maddie Koehler

Rio offers a plethora of activities and culture to explore, and our favorite way to do so is through its magnificent food.

Holy Land
Why Going on Israel Family Tours
is a Great Idea

Jason Haze

Are your children going to have their school break soon? Then it's time for you to take a leave from work and book one of many Israel family tours now!
A search for a piano in Beijing
Adam DiFrisco

It was my last night in Beijing after being in the city for a month...

REVIEWS Film & Books
At the window
Felicity and Nadine

Abigail George

Felicity was painting her nails. It was an exotic colour. It didn’t really suit her mood.
Lincoln Car
Moving into the Continental      
Jim Meirose

They may come with sirens blazing and force us out of the house and then where will we live, where will we go?
Resident of the Month: The Diva
Martin Green

The Pauline I’d come to see had been a singer and dancer in musical shows - although she’d never become a household name...

Alvin & the Universal Theorem 
Martin Green

What are the odds? It’s the Universal Theorem.  It explains everything in the universe.  I’ve solved it...
The Snowman
Victor Castleton

I couldn’t stop thinking about the unfinished man. “He had no face, and no arms..."
J& K 4Ever - Chapter 1: Mercy
Jeyna listened as Martha lay dying on the hill. ... Although she was obviously in a great deal of pain, no one could help her. It was strictly forbidden. Pity could get you whipped in Bluette.

Miss Peregrine
Await 'Miss Peregrine's home for Peculia Children' with interest- In Cinemas Sept 30th
Six Of Crows
Sam Hawksmoor review

Publisher: Orion Children's Books
The wonderful Six of Crows led the bestseller list in the New York Times for weeks – sequel due this September 27th

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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