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Philipine Art - Alive with Color
Fred C. Wilson III

A nation’s art is a mirror into its soul; it reflects the cultural milieu of a country. Filipino art isn’t any different with canvases awash with vibrant colors
Asan World Flower Botanical Garden Tamara in Korea
This was my destination for an escape from winter. Despite its international flavor, this garden is somewhat off the beaten track for foreign tourists
The Shortest Distance
Jans Schaper

By the time I get to Kyrgyzstan I have been hitchhiking for several months.
Three continents -Twenty countries
Rebecca Lowe's
Bicycle Blog to the Middle East Latest Update:
Croatia to Bosnia ...

Where Knights Ruled          
Clare Thorne
In a sea peppered with Greek isles, Rhodes is as far east as you can go and still be in Greece.
Hapsburg Trieste Dreams
Dr Steve Collins
The more I explore Trieste the more apparent was the Hapsburg cultural legacy in this outwardly Italian city
The Postcard Seller
Jo McMillan in Vietnam

The Naked Emperor vs The Man Behind the Curtain
James Campion
How Donald Trump’s Political Farce Uncovered Political Farce. Every once and awhile comes an unexpected series of events that transpires, as they did over the past 72 hours, which defies the gravity of our system
Why Donald Trump Must Be The Republican Nominee
James Campion

Trump has dominated the media landscape, the rhetorical space, and, most importantly, the polls...
Democracy at Stake in Spain
James Skinner

Chaos Beckons in Turbulent Spain
Why is Spain today faced with such a tremendous upheaval with radical changes in its political structure?
Borrowing Time
Tom Kilcourse

The OBR estimates that by 2020 the household debt to income ratio will reach 163%, that is, by the time of the next general election...
Year of the Fire Monkey approaches

David Bowie
David Bowie 1947 - 2016

James Campion

Bowie was our perpetual outsider – zigging when the rest of the thing zagged.
Canberra: A Colonists Dystopia
Sian Davies

Canberra is a place where politicians, military chiefs and top civil servants enjoy their affluence in a purpose built utopia for the ruling classes.
Guns: Money, Politics & Hyperbole
James Campion

Increasing background checks and closing gun-show loopholes is a minor step in perhaps toning down the nearly 30,000 gun-related deaths in this country
Volkswagen, Vagabond, Vistas
Lloyd Ryan Beere

What I may have originally thought a hoax or possibly a scam turned out to be one of the greatest and most fulfilling things I have done alone...
*Regret to say Dean Borok our New York contributor passed away on 1.9.16. His lively comments will be much missed
Exile on Main Street
Dean Borok

I once had a cousin who was hanged at the U.S. Army prison in San Francisco as a thief. He did the hanging himself, one day before he was scheduled to be released.

REVIEWS Film & Books

Blunt Talk
Rick Edelstein

Did I just hear a bumper sticker?
Unsolvable, unfathomable, impenetrable.
Dear Husband
Abigail George

I am a little girl again when I see my mother kiss another man on the lips. I only ever saw her kiss my father on the lips. This man’s name was Uncle...

Matchmaker's Cues
Julie McSmith

...the time had come to look for her
soulmate, blind as she had been to all the previous intimations
Face Time
Oswaldo Jimenez

It reminded me how mundane, silly, obtuse, dumb and, if I include my own, plain boring and in some cases unbearable people’s lives can often be
Genie Magee
The Heaviness

by Sam Hawksmoor
Betrayal, revenge, relationships and the laws of gravity.
An original Genie Magee story

carbonbubble The Carbon Bubble: What Happens to Us When It Bursts
Jeff Rubin Random House Canada 2015 - Steve Wheeler review

Oil is history in Canada's future
zoo city
Zoo City by Lauren Beukes
Sam Hawksmoor review

Pacy, crazy, messy, morally bankrupt and insanely exciting

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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