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Driehaus Museum
-Edwardian Era

Fred C Wilson 111

The Dreihaus Museum is a living testament to a much quieter time when quality craftsmanship was the measure of a person. It’s a study of the Gilded Age and all things Edwardian.
Beyond the Valley of the Hippies
Andy Redwood
Shuffling out of town along the coastal road, it occurred to me how easily the spell of civilization is broken
... In Taghazoute a few yards walk suffice to carry you away, the hustle of a weekend market immediately fading to cactus strewn hills...
Three continents -Twenty countries Rebecca Lowe's Bicycle Blog to the Middle East- update
Bregovi, Serbia to Tran, Bulgaria
Total miles cycled: 1,650 (2,655km)

Why Bernie Sanders Matters
James Campion

At this juncture it would take an act of God or the teamsters or something dreamed up by the ghost of Frank Capra for 74 year-old Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to wrest the Democratic nomination away from Hillary Rodham Clinton
Donald J. Trump
Republican Nominee - WTF?
James Campion

“Outsider” Donald Trump became the voice of the disenfranchised tired of the GOP lie. This is the social media era and Donald Trump is its demigod. And now he has all the delegates he needs...
Back to the Voting Table in Spain
James Skinner

The shortest Parliament in Spain’s history has been dissolved. New General Elections are schedule for the 26th of June. It’s party time all over again.
Ogoni Freedom Charter
Fegalo Nsuke

To say that Ogoni is the worst place to live on earth may just sound like an over-statement. But it is indeed a fact. Everything seems to work against her.

Counsel of Despair
Sam Hawksmoor

The benefits of good advice and how to survive it...
Two Revolutions
Tom Kilcourse

The expectations of young people are now lower than they were in my youth, and with good reason
Prince Rogers Nelson - 1958-2016
James Campion
Prince lived in the studio. Literally. He built the damn thing where he lived. Turns out, he died in it.
The Psychology of the Fear of Flying and How to Overcome It
Phoebe Parlade

If you are afraid of flying, avoiding taking a flight is the worst thing that you can do. Learn why that is true and identify ways to confront the underlying cause of your anxiety.

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REVIEWS Film & Books
The Curious Language of Laura, Lynn & Peter

Abigail George
I was the angel. The good one. I was the one with the children and the husband. The glowing mother.
T.R. Healy

“I thought there was a rule against panhandling in the plaza,” a gruff customer grumbled one afternoon
A Lot of Pigs
John Vaughn

I work with a fellow who has an opinion on everything. He’s one of those guys who are deeply passionate about everything from string theory to knitting needles.
The Book About ELI
Julie McSmith

All the bottles of oil in the kitchen turned rancid and all of the produce in the refrigerator went moldy the day that the boy named X.E23 opened the book about Eli.
Aunt Sylvia

Martin Green

My Aunt Sylvia was far and away the prettiest of my father’s three sisters.   She was also the only one with any artistic and intellectual interests.
girl in bed
Too close for comfort
Andrew Lee-Hart

Whilst I don’t agree with killing people as a rule, particularly not close family, sometimes it is the best solution to an awkward problem. You do the deed and then move on with your life.
Dancer Spain 
Zapateado - Chapter One
Sam North

She came bursting out of the door, careening noisily off the far wall, staggering to a stop, dazzled by the glare of the moon against the whitewashed walls.

The Brain’s Way of Healing
by Norman Doidge
Publisher Penguin Books
Stevellie Wheeler review

Dr Doidge recounts the results of treatments by the second generation of practitioners which he calls, “neuroplasticians”
The Moral Complexities of Eating Meat (Nyama Choma)
by Ben Bramble and Bob Fischer (eds.) 2016
Ronald Elly Wanda
If certain arguments generate the conclusion that it is wrong to eat farmed animals, do they also generate the conclusion that it is wrong to eat animals’ period?

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas ...ad infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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