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Top 7 Mistakes That Can Keep You Out Of Law School
• Robert Everett

As you have intended to apply to law school, you need to know some things in order to avoid frequent mistakes that lead to refusal. Check them out, and you will ensure yourself a brilliant career in law.

library law

Top Mistakes Law School Applicants Make

  • Not taking application process seriously.

Admission process requires a lot of planning as you need to get prepared before the entry period begins. It is good to keep track of your steps if you want to apply to law school successfully. Most schools provide a lot of helpful information on their websites, which includes general guidelines, samples, deadline requirements, lists of the key application components, etc. If you spend some time reading, you will find answers to all your questions.

Don't be shy to ask for assistance. Don’t neglect to consult your school’s pre-law advisor because he or she can be a valuable source of information. After you find out as much as you can about your opportunities, you can start carrying out particular steps. For more help with that, you may also turn to career centers, online law courses, or individual advisors as they have years of experience in assisting others in pursuing careers in law and know exactly how and when to apply for law school.

  • Ignoring your school essays and LSAT test.

Exam results and GPA essays are significant factors the admissions committee consider. Taking undergraduate exams without serious preparation can be fun, but you should get ready for LSAT test in advance, if you care about your future. You may consider hiring a private tutor or, in several cases, use some services like , that will help you pass your tests with high results or starting online law courses that will give you a better understanding of what is awaiting for you in future.

Receiving successful grades requires much commitment. However, do not forget about other factors in your application – they all are intended to show your desire and ability to learn.

Senior student • Choosing one single law school.

Since you are not limited in a number of schools to apply, it is quite reasonable to have a plan B. While compiling the list of options, first think of schools you would love to enter, then – of schools you are likely to pass, and finally – of several schools you think you will enter anyway. Keep in mind a location factor if necessary – divide all schools into the nearest and the most distant ones, organize the list considering your priorities, and do a research on every school you have chosen.
  • Choosing incompetent person to write your letter of recommendation.

Most advisers recommend finding a person who knows you well and understands what the admissions committee members are expecting from a recommendation letter. In case you were thinking your mom is the one to describe you best, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Does she know how you behave in a class like whether you show respect to opinions of other students or whether you are an active learner?
  • Can she give honest comment about your skills and abilities like whether you are able to provide logical reasoning or whether you know how to communicate persuasively?

If the answers are no, a reasonable choice would probably be to you ask someone outside the circle of your close people – for example, your teacher or tutor – to write a letter of recommendation for you. 

  • Not devoting enough time to writing your personal statement.

You might have a temptation to save time on writing essays, but it is a strategy to fail. The personal statement is your chance to create an agreeable first impression – members of an admissions committee always have tons of personal statements to read, so you should not waste your opportunity to stand out. Avoid simply writing about what a devoted student you are. Instead, highlight the areas of your interest and the reasons you have chosen law out of hundreds of programs and courses. Besides, mention what you have done and achieved so far. 

  • Making grammar mistakes and typos in your essays.

This may sound trivial, but good writing is one of the factors that influence the first impression you create. As you are applying to law school, you should have a habit of paying enough attention to details and checking everything twice. Try different techniques to analyze your past writing difficulties and avoid writing mistakes in future – read aloud, use online grammar checkers, address dictionaries, etc. Approaching this issue seriously will demonstrate your serious attitude to pursuing a career in law.

• Missing the deadline.

It is always important to follow all requirements and deadlines. If you want to submit your application on time, you will have to write down a list of steps to apply to law school. Use a calendar to mark important dates and thus create a timeline, which will allow you to easily define the milestones to be achieved.

When it comes to submitting applications, don’t leave things until the last moment. You must have enough time for every step to be undertaken wisely.

Applying for law school is a serious decision, so remember these mistakes and good luck with your admission!

© Everett,R Robert Everett March 2017

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