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••• The International Writers Magazine:Life and Death

Two Beings
• Victor J Castleton

Orchid This morning, I scouted down from my Garden Station, at a two miles downwards drop, towards my bare foot. I followed helplessly with my eyes a smidgen marmalade meteorite slid off my plate, hitting the Deck a few minutes later with muffled plume effect. There, a steely like insect-creature struggled to escape the sweet sticky trapping.
I watched impassively, while seeping rivers of coffee, the thousand eyes glittering on a high silvery pitch of despair, flapping violently the two layers of translucent golden edge wings, even to self-destruct.

The jointed forelegs like pulleys, and tendon-cables, were tensed to the point of snapping.

The red and gloss keratin shield of its body shifted with seismic rage, exposing threatening gills like gouges with alien symmetrical ports; an array of articulated limbs reached out awkwardly, while the antennas lashed seeking instinctive relief.
Orchid 2

I jumped into action with a twig-lumber; my hand covered the distance in no time, hastily lowering to station Deck. I proceeded with caution. The creature reached out to my offering; the shiny black gripping pincers were precisely directed to my helping tool, and it ensnared free.

Then, it swiftly vanished into the colors and the giant leaves of uncountable petals, again in complete obliviousness, flew into its own dimension.

© BraveJames –Victor J Castleton 8.8.16

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