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High Yields Reported for UK Airport Carparks
• Sean Lee
A new piece of research by a UK based airport parking provider has revealed that investing in airport carparks is a high yield investment. In fact, at an assured 8% with possibilities of its rising is virtually unheard of with investments.

airport parking

A new piece of research has revealed that one of the hottest growth areas for UK investors is airport parking. It is one of the only investment opportunities in the world that offers an assured 8% growth. Additionally, predictions suggest that it will soon grow to 12%, which is unheard of in the economic climate of today.

All over the United Kingdom, airport carparks are noticing unprecedented growth. This is due to an increase in passenger numbers. As these numbers rise, demand for secure, trusted, high quality car parking facilities is equally high. According to UK based airport parking provider AirportParking, this has provided people with a very interesting investment opportunity, as pieces of car parks are usually up for sale.

Those who have already invested in airport carparks have seen their investments grow significantly over the past three years. The yield was predicted to be 8%, but has actually grown to 10%. Additionally, it has been assured that the level will continue to be as high for the third and fourth year of their investment.

Airport Parking spoke to a number of people who have made this investment, often as part of their overall financial plan. Many people have looked at these opportunities to build on their retirement packages. People have often worked hard to save up money for retirement and are now looking for ways to make this money grow, so they can enjoy their retirement even more.

“A lot of people have invested in things like ISAs and shares,” says a representative from Airport Parking. “What they have found, however, is that the returns have been very disappointing over the past few years. Currently, investment opportunities offer very low interest rates, which means returns are equally low. Investing in airport parking, by contrast, provides unprecedented high results, which makes it a very interesting option.”

Many people search for investment options online, and airport car parking solutions come up more and more regularly. These options not only provide them with better returns, it also gives people the opportunity to get their foot into an industry that is seeing unprecedented growth, which is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

People that Airport Parking has spoken to are now in their third investment year. “People have seen their yield increase by as much as 10%,” adds the representative. “Needless to say, these are some significant returns. We’re happy to see that the industry is able to give people an opportunity to grow their money in a safe and guaranteed way, without having to be experts in the world of finances.”

One of the most welcomed things about investing in airport parking is that the complex elements are completed by experienced brokers. This means that, while most people considered it as a medium term plan to start with, they have found that it makes an interesting long term investment as well. It is easy to renew and enhance and people can quite literally sit back and enjoy watching their money grow.

“We would recommend people invest in airport car parks,” adds the Airport Parking representative. “It is a fantastic way to see your money grow very quickly and it requires nothing on your part except a provision of the money itself. The returns truly are amazing and there is an almost zero risk factor involved with the investment.”
© sean lee June 2016

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