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Of Trump and World History
• Ogbonna Nwuke
It wasn't really supposed to be easy either for America or for a world order that has evolved over time. The signs had been there right from the time the new sheriff in town bared his fangs on the campaign trail.


Now America and a bewildered world are stuck with a situation that is unclear, an international system likely to be under siege soon, and a future that appears uncertain. Isolationism and protectionism had long taken a strong bashing as the world, secure in its dream for the emergence of a global village, marched in the direction of globalisation.

Of course, there has always been the threat posed to world peace by the cold war between the east and west, between the United States and Russia if you like. But skillful diplomacy as well as the cautious optimism of world leaders have helped to reduce the risk of a global war.

Side by side, the world has witnessed the spirited expansion of frontiers of trade through carefully documented treaties and agreements. On the home front, America has been a country of immigrants built on a liberal philosophy which allows anyone who meets the rigorous requirements for citizenship to pursue what has come to be seen as the American dream.

The flexibility of such a system anchored on basic freedoms which say all men are born equal basically created the opportunity for the forebears of Donald Trump whose home country, Germany, went to war with the rest of the world, including the United States, to migrate into America.

America in turn has benefitted from immigration, transforming into one of the greatest countries in the world, and holding such a promise for all who seek to escape persecution; who wishes to make a new home from home; and who desire to exploit the bountiful and latent energy life offers without any limitations.

In so many ways, the tale of America and a changing world have become intertwined, with America providing the moral fibre and leadership for most of the change that has characterised the notion of a free world.

So the promise of a United States has impacted positively on the concept of an European Union which now enjoys a common currency and engages in joint collaborative action in most areas, including free movement and immigration.

The birth of the African Union was ideally tailored along these lines as well. The fact that in order to bond closely, create huge markets, develop science, technology and infrastructure. And enhance cooperation essentially among African countries; Africa had to take advantage of some of the finest principles that are driving human progress.

Somehow, under the Trump administration, the world stares in disbelief as what some people are beginning to tag a 'new world order' makes its forced entry. The fight to evolve a new psyche, a new pecking order and new national perspectives for the world or for the people of the United States by the Trump government isn't coming without a strong challenge.

Outside of America world leaders are raising indignant voices as they try to make sense of the orders that are rolling out of Washington.

Nostradamus had predicted a third global war. Is it possible that the actions and reactions of President Trump have the capacity to create room for the advent of the Prince of the house of Mohammed?

In his predictions, America's defence systems which Nostradamus saw, failed to intercept what may be today's nuclear warheads fired by the Arabian Prince described as the third anti-Christ.

Trump denies targeting Islam, but the arguments flowing back and forth doesn't suggest that the world is struck by the truth of what he says.

Trump has spoken favourably about torture. He has spoken in derogatory terms with leaders of countries with which America has friendly ties like Mexico and Australia. I wish my heart could trust Trump, wish that Trump would have the desire to make the world a more peaceful and habitable place.

Will the dream to make America First turn out to be a deadly blow on humanity?

Trump didn't catch my fancy from the outset. Even now, his remarks as the strongest president on earth make me ill at ease. I followed his campaign speeches, his remarks about President Barak Obama the first black to occupy the White House, his proven track record for discriminating against blacks, and the snubbishness conveyed by the way he spoke while soliciting for votes. I came off with a great feeling of trepidation that unrest in America and war abroad might be the ultimate outcome of a Trump presidency.

How I wish I would be wrong. How I wish that this President would help lay the foundation for a thousand years of peace as predicted by Nostradamus. How I really wish.

There is no doubt that America has what it needs, going by Trump's victory via the Electoral College. But the vast majority who cast more popular votes for the protection of rights that are coming under threat early in the Trump era cannot stand it.

Right from inauguration day, they have been on the streets protesting the new face of America. More Americans, worried by the turn of events,are joining the ongoing debate. Not many agree that in targeting Muslims, Trump would succeed in keeping America safe. The American court system hasn't demonstrated any understanding for the presidential order which securely shut the door in the face of citizens of some Muslim nations or those from such countries who are already carrying valid US visas. It is doubtful US courts ever will, given the uproar and the fear that the presidential orders may indeed be at variance with the tenets of their Constitution.

In the court of public opinion, among experienced diplomats and world leaders, Trump doesn't seem to have secured mainstream support for cancelling trade agreements entered into by the United States and other countries.

Many Americans are beginning to think about the consequential effects of the decisions of a president who appears to be unduly ego driven. I am not a pyschologist, but I have a strong feeling that this president might be held hostage by a kind of dogma inherited from the formative stages of his life.

Office, the decorum and protocols that go with it are supposed to shape the attitude of leaders or the position of leadership on a wide range of issues and interests. Somehow, these do not appear to have any moderating influence on a President who continues to taunt perceived enemies and opponents even in a manner that no president before him has done.

The trouble is, Trump carries a huge responsibility. He needs to find a way out of the deepening cleavage that threatens America and the established world order in which Washington is a prominent player. He needs to wake up to the reality that America cannot afford to act irresponsibly in a changing world that is faced with so many challenges.

Above all, he needs to come to terms with the fact that running a country cannot be the same as operating a business where one can easily say to an employee, "you are fired!"

Can Trump settle down to the reality of these facts in time to lead the free world?
Only time will tell.

© Ogbonna Nwuke sent in this piece from Port Harcourt, Rivers State

contact: nwaorgu faustinus

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