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Donald Trump- America's Mussolini?
• Fred C Wilson 111
“In politics stupidity is not a handicap.”
~Napoleon Bonaparte~


Border security is the major issue with Donald Trump. Many people assume that Trump is out to get immigrants especially Mexicans. What’s his real take on the immigration issue? In past pronunciations the presidential candidate stated that, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending you people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems…They’re bringing drugs, they’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people…” Similar to Castro’s Cuba during the boat crisis during the Carter administration Trump accuses the Mexican Government of dumping their unwanted people on United States soil. Is Trump making a valid assumption? No-yes-maybe; the Mexican government is mired in corruption.

From my experiences having worked in Mexico (State of Guerrero) and teaching in Mexican schools Trump’s assumption regarding illegals is a huge misconception, though I’m not at liberty to divulge in details of how I know if you know what I mean. From my personal dealings with Mexico’s migrants I hypothesize 95% or more of people fleeing the extreme poverty of Mexico are honest, hardworking, decent human beings who only want the best for themselves and their families. It would take a lot more words to quantify my assertions but I will say this, if I was a poor Mexican in search of a better life for me and my loved ones I would be among the first to flee to ‘El Norte.’ Living conditions south of the border are hellish! Whether Trump is anti-Mexican remains questionable. The candidate shares the same opinion of some Mexican-Americans I’ve dealt with who want to secure our national borders. His idea of hiring legions of border patrol agents would mean plenty of new jobs.

Donald Trump wants to build a huge and ‘inexpensive’ wall along America’s southern border to keep undesirables out. Historically walls don’t work; ask the Chinese when they tried to keep Genghis Khan and Company from sacking their Empire. The Mongols simply went around the wall or bribed guards to open the gates. Roman rebel gladiator Spartacus’ people slipped around the wall General Crassius built to contain them. The invading Turks made mincemeat out of the great wall of Constantinople in the 15th century bringing the Roman period to an official close after a nearly 2,000 year run. The French Maginot Line constructed to check future German invasions; Hitler’s army, like the Mongols went around it. The allies bombed the Nazi Atlantic Wall to rubble on D-Day during World War Two. The only ‘successful’ wall was the communist Iron Curtain but that wall was to keep people inside. Even that wasn’t completely breech proof as a few brave defectors proved.

If the U.S. Border Patrol were to lay land mines, barbed wire and station sharp shooters in guard towers Trump’s proposed wall could still be breeched. Though Trump cites the Israeli West Bank barrier as a successful wall one most remember that Israel is a very tiny country with tiny borders; even their barrier has ‘cracks;’ terrorist missiles have been known to fly over walls and do tremendous damage (And Palestinians tunnel underneath it). Trump’s proposed wall would cause considerable environmental damage to federally protected lands; like the aforementioned walls listed above maintenance would be cost prohibitive. Walls won’t work.

Donald Trump proposes that we rebuild our crumbling infrastructure; great idea! I’m all for it, but rebuilding our nation’s highways means not ripping up good American roads rebuilding them every year just to keep work crews employed; that’s counterproductive. In a previous article I mentioned I overheard some high level construction executives joke about the fact that most existing interstate roadways are built to be maintenance free for 20 or more years! If ‘The Donald’ can convince state governments to build good, long lasting, low maintenance quality roads then I welcome him to try. With the waste, mismanagement and corruption in all levels of government and industry such a grand project would require total cooperation in all levels of federal, state and municipal governments to get it done. I wish him well.

Another of Donald Trump’s bold beliefs is that childhood vaccinations are related to autism. Reader I know as much about medicine as I do diplomacy; not a damn thing. In spite of the fact that 90% of my extended family works in the medical profession even as a kid I never fully trusted medical professionals. The stories my Mom used to tell us about her 1920’s Southern girlhood and the alleged kidnapping of Blacks to be used in nefarious medical practices only adds fuel to the fire. Her horror stories from doctor friends could sicken the hardest hearts. The demonic Tuskegee Experiments on Blacks during the 1930’s reinforces my fears. Regarding Trump’s bold assertions I only have the words of anti-Trump medical professionals and groups to rely on for answers; I-don’t-know. I leave it to the medical professionals to tell me if Trump’s right or merely talking out of his toupee.

For 15 years I lived in overwhelmingly Mexican South Chicago. I taught in Mexican-American schools, an active lay minister in a Mexican-American parish in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood and have scores of Mexican-American friends; so I get to talk with people a lot of people on both sides of the immigration issue and entertain all sides of the issue. There is no way on earth will Trump’s idea of using an e-verify system to monitor employers will ever work. Smart folks will always find novel ways to skirt any law.

Candidate Trump opposes raising the minimum wage on grounds that it would hurt America’s competitiveness. In a debate last year he stated that the United States is loosing on all fronts of this issue. His main focus was on the military and the economic sphere. He fumes against high taxes big paychecks and says that Americans must work extremely hard to compete in global economic markets; BS! Please go online to see Third World sweatshop working conditions. Think of compulsory overtime, low wages, longer hours, unsafe working condition and higher prices for life’s basics.

While I write two Georgian Era economic theorists immediately come to mind; Messrs. Robert Malthus (Essay on the Principle of Population-1798) and Adam Smith (The Wealth of Nations-1776) two men in my opinion whose economic constructs were anti-labor. Both men heavily influenced Charles Darwin’s (The Origin of Species-1859) doctrine of survival of the fittest. Is Mr. Trump suggesting that Americans must work slavish hours for low wages to be on par with poor nations to be globally competitive?

Donald Trump flip-flopped on the abortion issue. Between 1999 up until his run for the American Presidency Trump was on record as Pro-Choice. His latest stand on this 03.30.16: he said that if abortion becomes illegal, women who seek the procedure should face “some sort of punishment.” He reversed himself soon afterwards amid intense criticism, but it reveals his mindset. Women need to be punished.

With the national mood turning away from abortion the man is suddenly Pro-Life; go figure. If he’s as pro-life as he says what about the lives of poor people, the marginalized, under paid workers, the unemployed, the underemployed, affordable health care for the elderly, top notch public schools for all students, the homeless, nutritious breakfasts/lunches for school children, the hungry, more mental health facilities, prison reform, 2nd chances for convicts, ending race/sexism? Pro-Life means ALL life.

There are as many different opinions about Presidential candidate Donald Trump as there are registered voters; let’s hear from the electorate.

Mr. Henry P volunteered to talk with me regarding his opinions on Mr. Trump:
“Some people say Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is disrupting our already broken political system by deliberately exploiting the fears of the American people; what is your opinion on the subject sir?
“From my observations of Donald Trump the man is nothing more than a political careerist whose only interest is to further his own personal agenda. The man is power hungry. You can hear it his speeches Trump’s sole interest is to feed his tremendous ego.
“Mr. P quite a few people compare Donald Trump to Benito Mussolini; a few even compare the man to Adolf Hitler. Who do you compare him to sir?”
“My choice is Hitler.”
“Why Hitler and not the more flamboyant and clownish Mussolini?”
“Hitler hated any form of diversity. Donald Trump hates any form of diversity. The man’s a racist who plays both sides against the middle. Look at Hitler’s rise to power; Hitler’s brown shirts routinely attacked and beat up protesters at his rallies. Any who disagreed with him felt the heels of his minions. Hitler used brutal tactics to suppress all who challenged him. Trump like Hitler doesn't brook any opposition. Both demigods used violence to silence dissent.”
“You don’t think Mr. Trump is an agent for change but just a power hungry opportunist am I correct in saying this?”
“In your opinion do you think that Trump can in his own words ‘make American great again?’”
“Absolutely not; the man is a clown but a dangerous one. He’s an entertainer, a huckster; that man has no political platform. He’s a cutthroat business man whose only aim is to boost his image and the bottom line. His sole aim is making more millions. I further think that ‘The Donald’ (extreme sarcasm here) could care less about America and her people. Trump’s sole criteria is money, money and more money by any means necessary!”
“Wow…okay…next question sir; any comments on Trump’s stance regarding Muslims, Mexicans, Black and women?”
“As I said earlier he hates diversity. The whiter this country is the better according to the Gospel according to Donald Trump.”
(laughing) “I take it Trump’s not your choice for the White House?”
“No way would I ever vote for the guy!”
“Thank you sir for your time.”
“You’re welcome; one more thing; I firmly believe that if Donald Trump is elected President foreign and intra-state travel will be things of the past; our personal freedoms including the freedom of mobility will be severely curtailed. With Trump in the White House only inter-state travel will be allowed. The American people will be prisoners in their own homes if they still have homes.”

Well there you have it. The voice of an American voter has spoken.
Donald Trump favors repealing the Affordable Care Act aka ‘Obamacare.’ I totally agree with the man. Before the Obama administration my wife and I had an excellent health care plan. With the advent of ‘Obamacare’ we had to seek coverage elsewhere at considerable cost to us or face a fine of over $1,300.00 for non-compliance. Whenever the United States wants its people to comply with unpopular legislation the government unleashes the dreaded scandal ridden Internal Revenue Service on its citizens. For fear of being hit with big fine we complied; as a result we now pay hundreds of dollars per month for government mandated health coverage. Is Trump correct in saying that ‘Obamacare’ is a “complete Disaster;” in our cases yes! The only problem with Trump’s health care plan is that he has no plan. At this juncture it's all chit-chat though he does on occasion raise some interesting points.

After national calamities governments always overreact against residents who are members of hostile nationalities. Point— after arrogant incompetent Roman General Publius Varus lost three Imperial legions (15,000-20,000 soldiers) to the German Army in 9 AD Emperor Augustus stationed extra guards throughout the Roman capitol to ward against possible terror attacks. He further deported all Germans from the city of Rome in revenge for his slaughtered legions; sounds familiar?

During both world wars German nationals were incarcerated after that country declared war on Allied nations. After Pearl Harbor the American government rounded up all West Coast Japanese-Americans and shipped them to internment camps. After 9/11 and the Mexican drug cartels saturating the U.S. drug market all Muslims and Mexicans are considered suspects. Being marginalized is scary. The day those twin towers fell getting home from work was hard. When I took the subway angry faces stared me down. A few people got close behind me and coughed down my neck trying to provoke a fight. My late East Indian brother-in-law and I were forced to stick on American flags on our clothes whenever we went outside to avoid being attacked. This went on for over a month after that fateful morning. Donald Trump proposes mass deportation to kick out certain ‘undesirable’ aliens from United States soil. Even if such a Draconian policy were possible the cost to taxpayers would be well over $619 billion dollars!

Trump’s a big one for the death penalty, tough police forces and innumerable cause’s people find scary and fascistic. In my opinion Donald Trump’s a cut-throat businessman who thrives off battle; a real American a man the Late General George Patton would love. The man’s no Hitler but appears a blend of Benito Mussolini, Andrew Jackson and William Randolph Hearst. (Go to: ‘Trump and Hitler compared-You tube video by Tom Richey and Yahoo’s ISIS anti-Trump propaganda ad) In business and in larger life ‘The Donald’ has a killer instinct bar none. Trump’s a fighter of the old school. He never backs down from confrontation. I personally admire his fighting spirit, derring-do and coolness under pressure. I’m glad he wasn’t President during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis or else none of us would be here. If he wins in November I pity Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Angela Merkel, Ayatollah ali Khamenei and others of their ilk.

© Fred C Wilson April 1st 2016

(Better yet google 'John Oliver takes takes down Donald Trump' )

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