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The International Writers Magazine: Neighborhood

The Other Side
J.A. Laraque

I truly believe it is brighter here. The sun shining on my face feels warmer more welcoming. Maybe it is the way the trees sway in the breeze as if waving hello. Perhaps it’s the way the clouds in the sky form into pleasing shapes, made just for me. Every home is unique. They are treasured works of art each individual has created not just for themselves, but the enjoyment of others.

Driving by this neighborhood brightens me from the inside out. Unfortunately, the peaceful silence is shattered by the sounds of sirens. I know what is coming. I have been here before. Immediately the skies darken, the doors close, and the welcome mat is removed.

This neighborhood is not mine, at least not yet. The grass here is greener, but my skin is black and because of that, this man does not believe I belong here. But he is wrong. I do belong here and someday I will make this my home, but for now I will just grit my teeth and move along.

© J.A. Laraque November 2007>

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