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Another Place To Die

by Sam North

The Next Great Flu Pandemic is coming.
Are you prepared?

>'Beautiful, plausible, and sickeningly addictive, this will terrify you and thrill you.'. Roxy Williams -

'Fascinating, frightening and compelling read'.
Ian Middleton
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Another Place To Die
collected works
James Campion
Mr Reality Check

Curse of the Nibelung
A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

by Sam North -
'Chocolate will never seem the same again'
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Diamonds - The Rush of '72 By Sam North
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The International Writer's Magazine - October 2007 - Welcome
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Glenwood Hot Springs
Kelly Crusty

As a Colorado native, I have been to the hot springs more times than I care to remember. Some good, some bad, some downright awful.
A Place to Call Home
Casey Manes in Zambia
Along painted brick street fronts and sprawled against stretches of sidewalk, young boys make their beds, napping in what has become their pseudo-home. Their ragged clothes depict a small slice of the difficult life they lead.
Off the Tracks in Prague
Alyssa Connolly

To expect to have few, if no, problems while backpacking through Europe with three friends is naïve, to be certain.
Bachelor Weekends
Rama Vama on the A3
It was one of those weekends when you wake up with memories of angry surf lashing the shingle and gulls clacking and careening beside the cliffs.
Tony Alexander

The last samurai's belly that kissed the tip of a sword was Mishima Yukio on 25.11.1970 in downtown Tokyo at 8:35am.

De Rode Molen
Diana Goss
Waiting in front of the big red Windmill at the Piet Mondrian exhibition I failed to realise how much power that magical motherly shape still held over me.

Eating Crabs in Kuching
Fiona Lal

‘Malaysia truly Asia’, the sing song refrain kept bouncing around my brain as we lurched down the runway at Kuching. Scruffy palm trees bent graciously as we rather jerkily slowed down.

End of an Era
James Campion

Joe Torre Concludes The Most Successful Tenure In NY Sports

Witches Brew
Dean Borok

The meaning of art is to enhance a miserable and brutish natural existence by the flowering of culture.

James Campion Feedback
Democracy in action - Oct 07

The End of Real Estate - a green alternative by Josef Graf
Woven within the term "real estate" there lives a hint that the nature of the modern land transaction game has little authentic bearing in the real world
Burma’s Long Neck Karen Hill Tribe chose exploitation rather than civil war - Antonio Graceffo
The Burmese civil war, often viewed as a genocide, committed against Burma’s tribal minorities, has been raging off-and-on for a period of nearly fifty years.
Burning Man
Annie Lalla

Burning Man… most have barely heard of it, many are intrigued, few are brave enough to go

The Writing Escapade
Marwan Asmar

‘Words and sentences take a life of their own, dancing in front of you, picking themselves up from the gray lines and pages and appealing to your senses and thoughts.

The Other Twin
Ross Cavins

It was 1968, a summer of love, and so it was with Martha and Odell. They had three girls, the youngest at sixteen months, and another child on the way. Back then, you didn't know what you were going to have until it popped out screaming at the world.
Adventure in House Sharing
Margaret O'Day

I met her for lunch at a pub near St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London and liked her immediately. She reminded me of most of the other women I had rented rooms to

Fat Chance
Ross Cavins

I was once on a reality TV show where the contestant who lost the most weight won the prize money. I never saw so many fatties in one place making fools of themselves

Bedford - Historic town of,
Laura Kerrigan

The only famous person to come form Bedford is Paula Radcliffe. And she hasn’t stopped running.
Interview with Nancy Bradley - Legendary Psychic to the Stars
by Paul Dale Roberts
Californias' Ghost Whisperer

Mazen Kawar
Interviewed by Marwan Asmar
Jordan is a booming tourism destination. More and more international tourists are visiting the Kingdom than ever.

David Alexander

Not many people outside of Kent actually seem to have heard of Gravesend

Rebecca Taylor

Chessington - Definitely not the world of adventures!

Holly Christodoulou

My humble county full of rolling countryside hills & huge mansions
FICTION - Original Shorts
REVIEWS - Books & Film
Kids on the Block
Marc Cunliffe

Guy Block groaned in despair at another start to another week. He leant out from his slumber and hit the snooze button

An Honourable Act
Mark Cunliff's spook story

Harry trudged bitterly up the marble steps of the imposing house and pressed the buzzer. It was gone eleven at night, he was tired and hungry

A Matter of Great Importance
Des Daly

A pale wintering sun was rising over a sharp ridge-backed mountain range that trailed off far into the hazy distance as Tang Shi rattled and bumped his bicycle along a narrow potholed road.

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The Passion of Nino De Jesus
Dean Borok
Niño de Jesus frequently had marveled at the fork lift truck on his way to work. One day, he snuck in for a closer look. Climbing up the ladder on the side and peering into the control booth, he noticed that they had left the key in the ignition. After all, one might reason, who would steal a monster?

A Brother's Regrets
Patrick Wilson

"Right here!" David said.
 It was a few minutes after midnight when they pulled into the gas station parking lot.  The station was closed for the night, but David's thoughts were still open.

It isn’t Going to Rain
Tessa Foley
Seventies furniture. It's always an issue for me. I'm appalled by it. I never understood the idea of a room in brown slash beige oblique orange that might impress the neighbours
Andrew on the Bus
Julia Gordon

Andrew was taking a test. He chewed his pen anxiously and looked over his shoulder.
Requiem for a hat
Ryan Sirmons
The greatest mark of individuality in my father’s family was their baseball caps. Everyone had one: my aunt, my father, my grandfather, my uncles. Whenever the family was together, they always wore them, indoors, outdoors, and everywhere except church.

Bob Dylan & his Band
Jeffrey Beyl on Modern Times
I was eleven years old when I first heard Bob Dylan. I was singing what is still to this day my all-time favorite song, Mr. Tambourine Man
The Wild Party
Tiffany Lee

Crash landing right in the middle of an age obsession with chaos and scandal, soon to be dramatic legend Rosie Kay has hurled at us a play that cannot be silenced.

Secrets From The Dust
Warren Hamilton

The pang pang gooks all laughed as their several tiny fingers raced over the bushes, plucking at the wild riberries, which were fat with juice. The girl that they sometimes called Snake-woman-child, darted in and out of the scrub with an athletic ease,

Lost in the Clouds
Des Daly

Alvaro Lorca was conceived in the silence of the Osier woods that run along the undulating valleys of the Sierra Albarracin. His father boasted that he was sure to follow his footsteps and become a master Osier cutter.

Piper Davenport

I didn't know at the time that I met her, that she would change my life forever. When I first met her, all I could think to myself, was Huh? Where did this person come from?

Little Brother
Wayne Shannon

I used to think he’d always be there. His voice rumbling like a Harley-Davidson engine idling, his red head and freckled white face beaming
Diamonds - The Rush of '72
Sam North's first chapter...
Suddenly anxious, he patted the coat pocket closest to his heart and was reassured to find a large hard lump still situated there. They’d not been robbed...yet.
Appleby Fair
Frances Lewis
I heard tell the Appleby Fair of 1947 was likely to be the best of our lifetime; this cos the farmers are dooming the horse trade, those tarmacadamed roads are threading across our green fields, more and more motors are rolling up – this we all know, this will change everything.
Cyber Cynic
Tom Nation

A full moon adorned the night sky above the city. Her gaze penetrated the steel and concrete lattice of streets below and illuminated the body of a male who identified himself only as "Archos"

Dunkin Dreams
J Brooke

Dead Drunk in Dublin, set 'em up Joe, a drink, the pause that refreshes, you know, something, anything to keep my hands from shaking
Trial by remorse
Carolyn Hughes

‘Until the boy or girl who did this owns up,’ said Mrs Hill, ‘the whole class will stay in and miss playtime

School Dinners
Emma Callan

I feel like a pigeon, tottering tentatively into the dining room. Nothing prepares you for this.

Five get me into Trouble
Claire Holland

Four days after my ninth birthday, my parents moved house and so did I. And my little world fell apart.
Nina’s Near Miss
Diana Bretherick

Nina sat back on her heels and surveyed her handiwork. In all of her eight years she did not think that she had seen a finer example of a sandcastle.

Andrea Ledbury

It started with a tiny spark and within minutes proliferated into gigantic, roaring flames

Linda Regan

‘Don’t Put Your Daughter on the stage, Mrs Worthington!’ Isn’t a phrase that resounded around our house, in the year when I reached five.

Jupiter Williams
S.I. Martin.
Jack Clarkson review

This is what A Handmaiden's tale would have been if the main character had been played by Samuel L Jackson! Seriously, if you mess with this guy, he will end you…

Stone Heart By Charlie Fletcher.
Alana Hebenton review

Twelve year old outsider George is on what he thinks is just another boring school trip to the Natural History Museum, when his world gets flipped upside down and his life is transformed forever

Behind You! by Linda Regan
Daniel Alves review

Life long feuds, unsolved hatreds, and more than enough lies to twist the plot into a maze. This detective novel boasts all the themes that darken in the eye of betrayal, sex and murder

In Rainbows - Radiohead
Aby Davis

I bought Radioheads new album online. It set me back one pound

On The Road @ 50
Jack Kerouac's Peripatetic Ode
James Campion
Jean-Louis Le bris de Kerouac wrote the above in a 1949 journal two years removed from his first of three free-wheeling cross-country road trips
Faculty of Color:
Teaching in Predominantly White Colleges & Universities
Dr Mawan Asmar review
Reem Al Haj Ali moved from being a dental student at the University of Jordan into an award winning professor at the School of Dentistry at the University of Missouri, Kansas in the United States.

Turning The Wheel
by Charles Johnson

Dan Schneider
Charles Johnson is a fictionist best known for his award winning novels like Oxherding Tale, Middle Passage, and Dreamer. He is one of the rare published writers and intellectuals willing to publicly state his displeasure with the current low state of American writing.
The Great Gatsby
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Matt Alison review
On my recent rereading of The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald I felt that I truly grasped and appreciated the importance of this classic.

The Lives of Others (Das Leben der Anderen) DVD
Directed by F. von Donnersmarck
There are different ways how film-makers from formal satellite states of the Soviet Union deal with their communist past.

The Underwood See by Michael Lawrence - Orchard Books
Emma McGill review

Naia and Alaric use the willow tree in the north garden at Withern Rise to transport themselves to different realities. ... This is a brilliantly written book,
Dirty Angels by Andrew Glovers
Aby Davis review

On page one of Andrew Glovers debut novel his teenage protagonist announces he's got problems. He's short, clever and has weird dreams. So far, so average, until Colin tells the reader he is psychic and can talk to pigeons.

Nicloe Folger

This has to be the best Disney/Pixar film I have seen in an awfully long time. This is the one that will be joining the classics,

Fashionistas by Sarra Manning
Tabz Parkes review

Definition: Someone who eats, sleeps, breathes and lives for fashion.

The Invasion (2007)
Dir. Oliver Hirschbiegel
with Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig
Stephanie Vile Review

I was really excited to go and see this film because I like horror films.

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