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The International Writers Magazine:Rosie Kay Dance Company presents…

The Wild Party
Tiffany Lee

Crash landing right in the middle of an age obsession with chaos and scandal, soon to be dramatic legend Rosie Kay has hurled at us a play that cannot be silenced. A fantastically shambolic orgy of improvisation and outstanding theatrical composition, I can honestly say I didn’t blink once.

Based on a poem of the same name by Joseph Mancure March, the original dialogue very much took a backseat to the mesmerizing movement of the actors. To the seductive rhythm of the onstage jazz band the performers entangled themselves in a frenzied mess of ground breaking choreography (devised by Kay) that epitomised sexual tension, jealousy and betrayal
Every step added to the audience’s apprehension of the climatic sex scene we all expected, but could never have predicted. This is the first play I have seen that has conquered the space between the audience and the stage so successfully. Like a continual reel of film, the performers only took off their hypothetical masks for the closing ovation, were we are forced to remember that we are simply spectators to this devised masterpiece. In effect, this play is so post-modern; it’s in a dramatic persuasion of its own.

Watching this was like spending an hour and a half in the Rocky Horror mansion with the cast of Skins. We got drunk with them, suffered the consequences by their side and left sashaying around the lampposts of Portsmouth. And we’d only had a coke.
© Tiffany Lee
October 2007

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