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Another Place To Die

by Sam North

The Next Great Flu Pandemic is coming.
Are you prepared?

>'Beautiful, plausible, and sickeningly addictive, this will terrify you and thrill you.'. Roxy Williams -

'Fascinating, frightening and compelling read'.
Ian Middleton
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Another Place To Die
collected works
James Campion
Mr Reality Check

Curse of the Nibelung
A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

by Sam North -
'Chocolate will never seem the same again'
Sunday Express
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Diamonds - The Rush of '72 By Sam North
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'a terrific piece of storytelling' Historical Novel Society Review
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The International Writer's Magazine - September 2007 - Welcome
Conan Doyle Collection: New Fiction Prize
Four Categories:
Detective: Contemporary or Historical
Amazing Adventure
Young Sherlock Holmes: 14-17 age group
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Ist Prize 1000 with four runner ups 250 each
The Judges:
Michelle Spring - (The Night Lawyer)
Sam North - (Curse of the Nibelung)
Steven O'Brien - (Dark Hill Dreams)
Neil McCaw - Director of Conan Doyle Collection

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The Bull
E S Morford
Is the difference maturity or is it simply the times? Why does the once exciting and romantic now seem cruel and juvenile?
Mumbai market vendors

Meera Manek

Stall after stall of flowers greet me as I enter a chaotic street in Bhuleshwar, one of Mumbai's oldest markets
Wind Flower Welcome
Marianne de Nazareth

The Wind Flower Spa and resort, is nestled in the arms of the majestic, tree covered, Chamundi Hills in Mysore, just 140km from Bangalore.

Messing Around in Mesr
Brian H. Appleton in Egypt
It was so hot that later when we walked through the main square of Cairo, the asphalt would stick to the soles of our shoes
Mass Media Democracy
James Campion

The entire planet is televised, web-cammed, You-Tubed, Google-Earthed, camera-phoned, amateur-videoed, and 24-hour cable networked. We're being watched.

Pencil Sketch On A Boarding Pass
Natalie Neville
on Cuba
Cuba is special. As the Oxford defines the term, special is exceptional in quality or degree, unusual, out of the ordinary, excelling in some positive quality, exceptionally good or talented. Cuba is indeed all of those and a great deal more. Havana is intoxicating and inspiring and decrepit and soiled...
Pot and Kettle Revelations
James Campion

Why does Idaho Senator Larry Craig have to resign? Tell me. You can't and he doesn't.
Dreaming Dubai
Marwan Asmar
I had been to Dubai twice in my life: In 1998 and 2003, the latter was a harrowing experience.

Failure at the lake
Eric D Lehman

I was sixteen, we hiked up the summer Sierra in the backcountry Our parents had left us with worried instructions to stick to the trail. "Don’t get lost!
The Blair-Witch Legacy
Colin Todhunter

As the smug Tony heads off into a potential Middle Eastern nuclear sunset, you are already probably aware that there are a huge number of similarities between him and Thatcher.

A Dog's Life
Dean Borok

Labor Day in New York City brings back a flood of memories for me. 

No Problem Sahib

A first Journey Around India
John A Cook

It's January and after many years wanting to go and a whole two weeks planning to go, I'm now actually set to go - airplane tickets in hand,

The Queen of Tonalá, Jalisco, Mexico - Doug Bower
I had never been to Tonalá, Jalisco, Mexico, before this week.

Oddities of India

Meera Manek

With a Muslim President, Sikh Prime Minister and an Italian-born Catholic as Head of the largest political party, diversity & tolerance appear to work hand in hand.

Ramadan virtues
Marwan Asmar

During Ramadan I read the Koran maybe five to six times if I can push it.

Journey To Palawan

A.T. Allan

Manila, Philippines. I wanted to get out of this big, noisy city. The personable young woman at the travel agency in Ermita gave me some important and practical advice.
Little Brother
Wayne Shannon

I used to think he’d always be there. His voice rumbling like a Harley-Davidson engine idling, his red head and freckled white face beaming
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Block and Tackle
Mark Cunliffe

It is often said that two is company. Three however leads you into deep trouble.

Anniversary Block
Mark Cunliffe

If marriage is an institution, then it must be the only one that celebrates its incarceration each year. It was Guy Block’s wedding anniversary.
How Lucky Was That?
Ian Smith

A man tapped an unlit cigarette alongside me, and rattled his empty glass on the bar. I stretched forward. I was sick of having to compete for a beer.

Piper Davenport

I didn't know at the time that I met her, that she would change my life forever. When I first met her, all I could think to myself, was Huh? Where did this person come from?

Mene's Song
Dike Okoro

Port Harcourt had been restless for weeks. Reporters from Europe and the U.S. thronged the international airport at Alu, just a few miles from the notorious Catch-Fire prison yard where the renowned environmentalist and fiction writer, Mene, languished in detention

Uncle Pringle and the Mob
Martin Green

“I hear you talk about your Uncle Pringle,” he said.   “He has many connections.   I wonder if maybe he can help me?"

Shoot'Em Up

Written and Directed by Michael Davis starring Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti, Monica Bellucci
Sam North
Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang, was smart as a whip and self knowing, Smokin’ Aces, was relentless and often funny, despite the inevitable bloodbath and Bourne Ultimatum was slick like a machine with dizzying but refreshing cinema verité action photography. So what the hell is Shoot Em’ Up?
Heart Of Glass

Dan Schneider

German filmmaker Werner Herzog is not an artist to be underestimated, even in his lesser films, like 1976's Heart Of Glass (Herz Aus Glaus) because his films tend to have a cumulative power,
Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and
little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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