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Readers React to Reality Check

Your recent rant against John Bolton is pure Campion drivel. ("We Want Bolton" Issue: 5/4) Maybe we need someone who yells a little to shake things up at that den of corruption on NY's Eastside. Better than a person who abuses his position, has sex with an employee, wastes his time and the country's time defending a lie when he could have been productively doing his elected job, i.e. helping this country, and then pretends to everyone what a great lover of mankind he is ..... this indicates to me that you prefer a smooth talking liar to a sometimes coarse, true speaking person who speaks from his heart ... .. that you prefer smoke to substance .......I think that speaks volumes about the people of this country .... and about you, James.
Lou Janicek

Dear, Mr. Campion,
Your sentiments on Mr. Bolton is blatantly un-American, especially the part about "America The Ugly Has Spoken." What is that supposed to mean? Are we ugly because we choose our own interests over that of the world’s when we are at war trying to protect our own sovereignty and the freedom we’ve achieved through decades of toil and struggle, and, by the way, war. I have no love for the UN as an institution of world peace or anything useful. Anyone our president wants to send up there is all right by me. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Reality Check,
Right on about John Bolton. The liberals should get on board. The election sealed the deal. The people absolutely want Bolton and congress should stamp his appointment and send him to the UN to kick some well-deserved ass. Fuck the UN and God Bless America! AAJC, This piece on Bolton is one of the best slices of satire I have ever read, even from you. Terrific work, as usual, but this one hit home hardest. Had to be said, and you say it best. Melissa GeoffriesDude,
One of your funniest ... I gotta read it again.

Sir, I honestly thought it was a good idea to read your column every week, but not any more. You are all crazy, selfish creatures who need to check yourselves before you destroy the world for thinking you are the only ones that matter in this life. Think before you promote your evil.
Kevin Andrew

James, Praise the gods for serendipity. I have no idea how I ended up at your website a couple of years ago and began reading your work, but you have shaken my stodgy, 59-year-old capitalist carcass and stimulated and entertained that 25-year-old living, as it turns out, not so low below my surface.
Thanks, Barry

You magnificent bastard! Your take on the porn industry and coverage of whatever convention expo you attended in NYC was simply hilarious! ("Peddling Morality In The Den Of Iniquity" Issue: 5/25) Right to the marrow once more. An uncompromisingly brave and funny take. This is why I read this magazine every week. I laugh out loud and always end up thinking more deeply about many taboo subjects. Keep it up,

No outsourcing in the porn industry? I am having trouble recalling a visit to a strip club in the past 5 years that didn't involve at least one of the workers there mangling the English language for one of my previously valuable US dollars. Usually in a heavy Czech accent. Type "Asian" in Google and see what filth transgresses. Er, uh, so that's what I'm told anyway...
Nice line about "cranking this out", no one but you could add such a subtle nuance.

Hoorah for "Deep Throat – A Tribute" (Issue: 6/8/05)! There is something about taking a controversial iconic undercover figure and keeping him undercover, no matter what! I’m not sure I agree with much of what you wrote, but it was so damn well written I don’t even care. Always entertaining.

Not everything is a conspiracy. Felt was Number 2 at FBI, his clearances are such that any info he desired, he could have accessed. I said this to friends immediately after this became public and your column is bearing it true. I said that folks are going to have a tough time believing Felt was Deep Throat because his motives don't fit the mold of the high-minded patriot looking to rid the world of the Evil Tricky Dick Nixon that the press and the left were hoping for. The problem is when you ask folks if they believed it could have been Haig, well now that's a horse of a different color. Why, of course it could have been Al Haig. This old timer (Felt) had everything. He had access, he had motive and he had the covert experience to accomplish it. Face it, it was a bureaucrat that took a presidency down not some maverick Nixon insider. Oh yeah, one other thing. How great of investigative journalism skills does it take when you are the mouthpiece for a disgruntled federal employee?
See Ya,
Bill Roberts

Of course Felt didn’t act alone. I’m glad someone is saying this. What? He was doing all this covert stuff by himself while holding down a high priority gig. But that’s always possible when considering how fucking awful the FBI is run. But I still find it hard to believe that someone in the Nixon White House did not comply with the leaks. It is the very reason Nixon snapped over the leaks of the Pentagon Papers and created the ill-fated plumbers to begin with. If nothing else, your dissection of the Deep Throat phenomenon echoes some of the greatest feats of heroic journalism ever conducted. We can only hope somewhere in this quagmire of main stream media there is another Woodard and Bernstein waiting to uncover the crimes of this administration, of which there are many.
Impeach Bush!

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