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The International Writer's Magazine - June 2005 - Welcome to 2021

Hackwriters '05

The American Inn
Eric D Lehman

Dog Walking in Brooklyn
John Lowry

The Saint who likes a drink
Luminita Cuna

Chamonix in Summer
Susan Fogwell
The Future of Adult Branding
Naseem Javed on

Going Legal
James Campion on how pot will save the world

A Walk in Dharavi
Reva Sharma on child labour

Modern Living
Zen and Varsity Basketball
Jeffrey Beyl (A Parents Primer)
The Age of Abundance
Naseem Javeed wonders where are all the new ideas?

A Walk by the River
Alex Clark
in Leeds

Sara Gets New Life at 50
Join the Ezone lifestyle
Jean S Brown on hero worship
Last Meeting
Martin Green closes the books
Japan (is Another Country)
Brian Wright
Summer in Cadillac- Chapter Three by Mike Blake
Taking a Break in a pig's sty

Cat's Paw
Maja Hagborg in the meadow
History in Cinema:
Downfall v Kingdom of Heaven
- El Branden Brazil investigates
Peddling Morality in the Den of Iniquity- James Campion at Erotic Expo NYC
Joy of Live Alchemy
Michael Levy
Bringing Back the Dead
Authenticity in the historical novel - Sam North - a discussion paper

Is this the real Deep Throat?
James Campion on Mark Felt

The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde
Gemma Roxanne Williams

Snakes And Earrings
by Hitome Kanehara
A Charlie Dickinson review

Sin City
Lily J Parker

The Cat Returns

Director Hiroyuki Morita
Sam North review
A Good Scent From A Strange Mountain by Robert Olen Butler
Dan Schneider review
The Make Up Girl by Andrea Semple - Lynn Ede review
Lost in the City by Edward P Jones -Dan Schnieder review
Ten Little Indians by Sherman Alexie - Review by Dan Schnieder
King Arthur (DVD review)
Dan Schnieder

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* The Great Beyond *
Chapter Fifteen

Back in the living
Brodie Parker's serialised novel about life after death is here - only in Hackwriters
New June 2005

Under A Train
Lynn Ede
The Train's coming...jump, jump now...

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The Crazy 8's June 2005
Kryshan Randel interviews the filmmakers who took just 8 days to shoot and edit their movies

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