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A brand new beginning is at hand. I have worked for the last few years towards this new life that is very close at hand, but I never knew it would be in this way or quite so big.

ezone electric bikes
environmentally friendly lifestyle
no licence required- an experience like no other

Some of you have known my journey, but for those that have not, a brief outline. Five years ago I asked my husband for a divorce, he at that time was not compliant, but we separated within the marriage and gradually he left.

I enlarged my ability to profile people and teach inner spirituality and Most definitely thought that I was on the right track.

Last October was my 50 birthday, I knew this was going to be a life Changing time for me, but as I am unable to read my own clarity, I was awaiting The signs of change. Well just before my 50th I met a gentleman, (N0 nothing like that, you can have opposite sex friends you know) This gentleman named Bill has the ability to heal and soon set to work on my car accident injury and me. We struck up a friendship and soon found that we understood one another and could clearly see each other’s abilities and assets and knew that one day an opportunity would come to us for advancement in our lives.

January of this year such an opportunity did arrive. Bill had a friend From long ago who was introducing a new electric bike into North America, was Bill interested? He asked me if I was, to which I said why not and set My brain in go and started planning the introduction of the bikes.

First we went to Taiwan to meet with the people and see the bikes for ourselves. That in it’s self was an eye opener. A very different lifestyle and a very different way of thinking and living. For instance, we where at a Starbucks coffee place were a couple in their wedding garb were having their photos done. I thought that is was an advertising photo shoot, but it turns out that this happens often that wedding couples have their wedding photos done at Starbucks. Live and learn.

Starbucks Bride

Taiwan Mall

The other thing is the ladies washrooms, there are no toilets as we know them, but urinals in the floor so you have to squat to do you know what. Most disconcerting for a westerner with no balance. There is an amazing shopping mall there that is made from I believe an Old electric power station. It has 19 stories all together and is round and is open 24 hours a day. The food was great and the coffee served from coffee vans on the sidewalks is great and has very little caffeine in it. I also experienced a full-bodied massage were they walk all over your body. I ached for a week after, but it did release some muscle tension, after feeling like an old woman for a while. (no comment for the peanut gallery please) Then it was home to set things in motion. Lots of visions and hard work We plodded on. It turned out that the Taiwan Company was unable to meet the requirements of North America so we dropped them. But we had awakened and now knew the market and were set to go ahead. So, we asked friend of mine (another Bill) to design our own line.

Now we have a bike coming out in the fall like no other and a concept That will convert bikes around the world to ezone bikes (electric powered bicycle) Cars can be left behind, you don’t have to walk everywhere any more, no gas, no fumes, no guilty conscience just a feeling of be able to get around, happily helping you heart, lungs, muscles, joints, bank account and environment. All this and giving back to society what it needs too. This is a different world for me, but also a familiar one as it is all About people and their needs. While I was filling the needs of a few before, I want to be able to help the needs of many, so the "Give Back" approach was born. While we make money building an empire, we can also give back and build awareness to those that are in need worldwide. I am very directional right now, building this "give back" concept and getting the true givers to join us in this approach. We all need to be heard and in this way we give many people the arena and microphone to be heard above the crowd. The company "give back corp." will give a percentage from every sale to the consumer’s choice of awareness group or charity. In turn these groups will endorse our company and the money raised for Them will go in to a project that the consumer can see grow and reach each desired purpose.

People are natural givers when they see a need, but are tired and mistrustful of the bottomless pit in fund raising that never seems to get to where it needs to go. So by empowering the people to choose their cause and to see where and what the money is doing, encourages them to help even more.I am finally in my element; I am still doing for others what I love to do, empowering them, but I now can reach so many more people in so many more ways.

I will be moving into the States to run this business, and that in its self offers a new and exciting challenge. I have moved countries 3 times before, but now it is different. I have children that I do not want to be far from, I have a younger daughter Tasha, who will move with me, but needs to be somewhere lively and exciting for a young adventurous woman. I want a place where people are forward thinkers and genuinely friendly, and of course dog lovers like me. It must also be spiritual (not religious) those who reach out to life and live it to its fullest.

As for a man, if one comes along that fits my bill then I will be glad To share my life, but do I need one, NO. I have finally come to the Realization that I am happy with my own self and will not compromise my individuality by bending to another’s will. Enhance one another, yes, but not to sell oneself out to please a person so they will have you in their life. Many years ago I faced my inner self and saw what there was not to like. Then after making peace with my inner soul I step out into the obis of faith and waited till I saw land and a place to set down. Finally I have landed. Now I am on an entirely new road, one that has got a future for me and my family. New hopes new dreams new realities, new life. I am excited, visionary, energised and in gear. Now I wait for all the elements to come together and off we go.

To my two Bills. Thank you for being a part of this journey your visions And your trust, and to Bill H, thanks for putting me in the right direction, We were meant to come together to make a difference, and now with all our joined forces we are about to make many people smile and give freedom to many who in some way or other needs it. Life is good if you only believe in it, just keep faith, positivity, and always be ready to move forward by changing directions, because life is not a straight line, but living with the right amalgamation and association is going straight up.

To see where we are going and what we have to offer you in the future, Check us out. You never know if you could be a part of it for we are all but Small pieces of the bigger puzzle. We welcome your input on awareness groups And charities. Vision and prosperity to one and all
© Sara T July 2005
Sara T lives in Vancouver BC

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