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Laser Eye Surgery – It really can improve your life
Sara Towe

Was it worth it? OH YES.

Well I did it, I had my eyes lasered and yes I can still see. Better than I ever could. It is taking some time to heal as I am/was far sighted. Also as timing would have it, a few weeks before my op I was rear-ended in a car accident and it has caused many pinched nerves that slows circulation, and in turn slows eye healing.

The next thing to happen three days after my op was my father in-law died. Although I knew this was coming, it did come too fast. This meant lots of driving before being ready, and lots of stress, as I also had to write an eulogy and be there for my estranged husband to support what he was going through. Finally we all got through it and now my father in-law is at peace. It’s time for us all to move on.
So where are my eyes at now? I still wear glasses for driving some times, which could last up to two months in all. I will need store bought reading glasses at some time in the future, but no more specs, I’m free of contacts, free of glasses every day.

I do believe that my eyes are a little bluer than before. This could be because being far sighted they remove a film off over your whole eyeball before lasering the eye. Shortsighted people heal very quickly because they only have the laser. This whole procedure takes about 1.5 mins each eye. They freeze each eye with drops, so when you have it done the most you will feel is maybe a little pressure. The sound of the laser is the most you will put up with, and the few days of healing, adding drops and resting the eyes. You are very susceptible to light for a while (which means purchasing some cool sun glasses) and your eyes tear easily for the first few weeks. I have normally very dry eyes so I have had to get stronger lubricant for the eyes, so as to speed up the healing process.
Was it worth it? OH YES.

Now I can go on that cruise in May not looking like my grandma. I can also wear some snazzy sunglasses to match the wardrobe. I can see again to put on my make up and not get all over my eyelids as I used to do. I can give people the eyeball when we meet. The eye look that says, "hello you there, I want to meet you" not a hairy eyeball look that says go away.

Already people say that there is something different about me, is my hair? New make up? What could it be? I look younger feel fresher and feel more vivacious. It has definitely made me feel more feminine, (not those glasses are manly, but my eyes are my best feature and I was hiding behind glasses and did not feel sexy in them. Some people look sexier in glasses, I am not one of them) I also do not have sinus ache any more due to not having glasses on my nose, nor do I have the dent that you get from glasses on each side of the nose bridge.

All around it was a good decision. Now I hope and believe that my cruise to Alaska will be a good decision too. At least I will feel better about myself.

So with only four weeks to go I move onward and upward to an uplifting event in my life that I know will prove to be a very positive experience in my life.

So if you are thinking of having laser eye treatment, check out the reputation, the warranty, their follow up, their track record and get a free consultation first to see if you are a positive candidate for it. Then go in with compete faith and open your eyes to things that you have not seen in years.
Good luck and see well.
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© Sara of Vancouver Canada April 2004
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