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The International Writer's Magazine - March 2004
Welcome - Why the Left Won big in Spain - James Skinner Editorial

Hackwriters - Fiction, Travel, Comment and Lifestyles Across The World


Life Changes at world's edge * Racheal Walker in Cambodia
First Impressions of India

Sukrit Sabhlok

Only In Mumbai
Anne Young

A Word In Your Gap Year
Pete Bennett gives some advice
Rowing to the Sun
Anwar Ali on Lake Titicaca
Four Tours and A Love Affair
Joe Sinclair in Kom Tum
Cape Breton Island
Eric D Lehman *
El Gringo in Santiago
Dermot begins teaching

Bigotry & Gay Marriage
James Campion's reality check
Home of the Meek
Dan Schneider on US voters
James Skinner on liquid gold
Torn Between Cultures
Dean H Ruetzler in exile
A Cross to Bear
Rev Antonio Hernandez on
Mel Gibson & Passion
Fixing Capitalism
Dan Schneider - a fair society for the 21st century?
When Martha Met Ronny
Ron Silver loses $5000

After Martha - Saving the Brand

Nassem Javed

Iwate: kombiini

Dean H Ruetzler - Japanese convenience culture
Going Going Gone
Colin Todhunter - fleeting kisses
Mao Mao - Vancouver's new Asian/Fusion restaurant

A Jenny Brown review
Remembering the Good
Michelle Cochraine won't go back
Free Speech and Absolution
Brodie Parker on the soapbox
Soon they were spinning under the dazzling chandelier

Richard Meyers in the ballroom
Soldier to Life's Battles
The first letter spoke of devotion

Douglas N Kimball

Richard Meyer's bedtime story

Missing Time
Roger Duncan can't take the lights
The Temple: Going Native
Mary Wilson
monkey see- monkey do

Roger Duncan on the night streets
Ninety-Five Steps to Paradise
Eric D Knapp

The Culture Of Vultures
M.C. Wood on film censorship
A Year in Santiago
Dermot Sullivan's South American Diary No1.

Graceland by Chris Abani
A Charlie Dickinson review
The Well of Lost Plots
Review by Michelle Cochraine
Theatre: His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman - adapted by Nicholas Wright
Lost in Translation

Dir Sofia Coppola
James Skinner Review
Passion of Christ

Dir Mel Gibson
James Campion Review
City Of God

M.C. Wood
Hal Hartley reprise
Sam North

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Writers with works in progress

I might not feel very sorry for what I did...
A Chink in My Armour
Casey Howell
Going Buckeye
The road to Ohio
Phil Mershon takes a trip
A Man Outside
Authur Blake on the streets
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The Green Grass of Korea
Danielle Kravetsky in Pusan

James Campion on Jesus, Mel Gibson and history

Stupid Syndrome
Rev Antonio Hernandez
Sundays in London
Holland Park
Leave celebrities alone
Rev Antonio Hernandez

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and
little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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