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: Hackwriters Writing Competition 2004

9 Lucky Hackwriters can win a copy of
- The Madras Diaries

Traveller Tales on the Road in India
a new book by Colin Todhunter

A Hacktreks publication

To enter:
Life Changes at the edge of the world

You have travelled the world, you've seen exotic places, eaten weird food, met or married people who definitely wouldn't fit in back home. Now tell your story.
We don't want to know about hotel rooms, the price of a Big Mac in Tapei or what a taxi costs in Tokyo, we want a personal, unique journey to a farway land that really had an effect on your life, maybe even changed it.

We would like 800-1200 words (Word98 file preferred)
Be prepared to send one jpeg attachment (72 jpg)
Stories can be sent only be email.
Published Stories become copyright and the writer.
All published winners will be accredited and any web link or email link included at writers request.
Nine Winners will win one copy of Colin Todhunters book Chasing Rainbows.
Judging will be by editorial staff at - there can only be 9 winners.
Winners will need to provide a postal address to send the book to but no details will be provided to any outside parties. We hate spam as much as you do.
Only one story per person and we reserve the right to extend the deadline if no winners received.
Last Submission date. March 25th 2004
To submit send your story to
* 3 Winners so far March 10th
Life Changes at the Edge of the World *
Racheal Walker in Cambodia

Four Tours and A Love Affair

Joe Sinclair in Kom Tum
Cape Breton Island
Eric D Lehman *

The Road to Wit's End
Colin Todhunter

A lot of people have come to regard complaining as a British art form. If this is so, then I'm a bit of a late developer and India merely happened to bring out the best of me in the complaining stakes. I tend to do a lot of it these days.
Australians condemn us Brits by asking, "What's the difference between a 747 and a pom (Brit)? The 747 stops whining when it gets to Sydney airport!"
I think they say this because many of us Brits are brought up to search for a place called Wit's End. I have scoured many a map looking for it, but have never found it. It took me some time to realise that it is not a mountain peak or far flung point on some peninsula. Wit's End is the pinnacle of a metaphysical journey: the end product of an inner quest for self-realisation.
The journey to Wit's End is peppered with frustration whereby you say to yourself things like - this doesn't work, that doesn't work, why doesn't it work, why can't things be different. After years of this you finally reach the point of realisation: the world is a pain in the backside and will never be how you would like it to be. Wit's End - the point of self-realisation - a kind of British version of "enlightenment".

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Publishing In India
Colin Todhunter

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'It is evident that Todhunter takes time to soak in the ambience of the place and time before he writes'. Theodore Baskaran

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