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The International Writer's Magazine- January 2004
Editorial - 'If this is global warming why am I so darn cold'?

Hackwriters 2004 - Fiction, Travel, Comment and Lifestyles Across The World


Tonight I’m in Phnom Penh and can’t sleep. I seem to always wake up at this time, when the day is still dark and the only sound is that of lazy thoughts shuffling inside my head.
I Lay Awake Nights and Wonder
Nathan Rabe

There is in fact a vomit law: something to do with the amount expelled being inversely proportionate to the quantity taken in. Complainer's Guide to Vomit, Hassle and Intrusion
Colin Todhunter in India

I love India...I love eating chikoo, mango, giant grapes, pineapple
I Love India

Rita Sidu

The Moroccan School Of Meat
Kyle Macdonald

Rule I: Meat must never be refrigerated

As a kid I used to pretend I was Fraulein Maria, line up all my seven teddies to play the part of the children
Before Sunrise
Mandy Mand in Vienna

I punch the rotting boards of this motel while they curl together inside. Damn them and damn me!
The Perfect Drive
Prof Eric D Lehman

Hyggelig- Denmark in A Word
Roger Smith

I like to run away. I like to run far from my troubles far across our vast planet
Running Away

Anne Benjamin

Primary Blues Pt One
James Campion

Iowa Dogfight Revisited
James Campion Pt Two

Examining Hackwriters
Dan Schneider takes a critical look at Hacks and its writers

What Howard Dean can learn from J-Lo
Kate Morrison

Who Cares About Nature?
20 Years after Globalisation
Andrew Abulu

"I didn't think I'd get caught."
Pete Rose - 14 years too late

James Campion

The Balance of Terror

Robert Levin on Iraq

Unions have clearly failed...
Unionism’s Failures

Dan Schneider

The bitter history of District Six is the key to understanding SA...
Khayelitsha 10 Years On
Jack Shenker in South Africa

Amsterdam Cultural Weekends
Barry Dunstall in Holland

Oprah - In praise of mediocrity
Dan Schneider

Layman's Guide to Globalisation
Part One
James Skinner

Three days ago I took the liberty of shutting off all the utilities feeding into my apartment. First the electricity, then the gas, then the water. Last month I received the final notices and the dates for termination of service...
Lament of the Freelancer
Brodie Parker

Suddenly I was five years old again, for that brief moment I was in Grimsby, my face and eyes glued to the coffee roaster
The Coffee Roaster
Sam North

I feel cold, empty daggers of ice shoving their way into the depth of my soul. All this will pass they all say...
Margaret Manning

‘you’re a lucky girl, having your brother home at last’
Uncle Leukaemia

Laura Coope

Get A Proper Job?

Tristan Scott Davis on writing

When the Music Stops
James Skinner doesn't do the 'Timewarp'

'she slept soundly in her in own room with four small Chihuahuas on $2,200 Chanel sheets'
My Mother Was A Sex-Crazed Pill Popper
Alan M Danzis

You can’t force someone to love you. She told me her story and I wanted to believe her, if only to save myself. It was my first major rejection.

Goddess by Gary Glauber

"What are you looking at?"
"A man's brain,"
"How do you know it's human?"
Gretchen- Queen of Nightmares
Sidi Benzahra

Malcolm would sing -even if it caused his voice to hurt
A Tale of a Singer and his Lover
Just Like A River
by Muhammad Kamil al-Khatib
Charlie Dickinson Review

I realized that trekking was not as easy as it seemed...

Climbing Annapurna

Bimal Gurung

The Darling family were unfortunate in Christmas, as their wonderful father was away, either on business or at war, Mother always forgot which

A Very Darling Christmas
Sarah Richardson

I have never had a maid before...
Exile in Buenos Aires
William S Moake

Shopping Trolley Hell
Ben Macpherson

Flint - Bringing the Past to life
Alex Hillman

Girl With A Pearl Earring
Dir - Peter Webber

The Butterfly Effect

Dan Schneider Review

Runaway Jury
Dir Gary Fleder

The Hindustan Way
by Nathan Rabe

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Feb 10th

Porn & Compulsive Addiction
Laura A. Drentea-Morgan

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