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Order The Repossession
by Sam Hawksmoor

Smart, dark and graceful,
this story is sure to
send chills down your spine

Evie Seo - Bookish Blog

Read the sequel:
The Hunting out now
'Pacy and moving. Genie
will break your heart'

The International Writer's Magazine:

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The Plight of the Narrow Stall:
A Cosplayer’s Tale - Hannah Starke

I walked into the bathroom to see four princesses and one villain, all staring at an open stall with trepidation.
“You can’t just not go to the bathroom all day,” Ariel told Belle...
Views of Vizcaya
Tyrel Nelson

It’s me, the trees, and Juan Ponce de León. Never before did I think I’d be face-to-face with such a famous man. Not only was he Puerto Rico’s first Governor, but he also named the state beneath my feet
A Sanka in St Petersburg
John M Edwards

Interested in finding the St. Petersburg salon where the protagonist of Doestoevsky’s Notes from the Underground is snubbed and ridiculed by his friends, I set off for that fair city ...
Zurich Awaits
Mark Uppu

The beautiful Swiss city of Zurich awaits your arrival
Ten Unusual Ways to Make a Living on the Road - Tom Thumb
I’ve been on the road for 17 years now and people ask me where I get all the money from, perhaps taking me for the son of a millionaire, a petty thief or just a good liar
My Sojourn in Scotland
Neha Sharma
Shrill notes of a bagpiper cutting through the air, interspersed with ringing of the bells from St. Giles Cathedral, you are on the streets of Edinburgh

Myths and Bogeymen
James Campion

... on the fourteenth day of the twelfth month of the year twenty-twelve, such a predator, as random and furious and sudden as the golden eagle careening towards the defenseless child, emerged to lay waste to twenty-six lives, twenty of which had not yet reached their eighth year in this unfettered chaos of existence.
The (NEW) Never Deal -
The Madness Method Explained
James Campion

Now that things have gone underground in Washington, the wheels of our national fate are turning.
Losing Identity in Spain
James Skinner

+ 21.12 update
Here in Galicia the small group of ETA style hoodlums known as 'Galician Resistance' that have been blowing up cash registers and the like have been 'officially' declared as a dangerous embryonic terrorist organisation. This means that those that are caught will be facing trials in Madrid and stiffer jails sentences.

Crashing Perth’s Freebie New Years Eve Party in Australia
John M Edwards
A New Years Eve Party in Perth, one of the best places to celebrate the turning of the calendar page on the planet!
Readers Responses
to James Campion 2012
Your comments here

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied
Dean Borok

“I write for porpoises of entertainment”
Beer for Breakfast:
An Eye-Opener in Russia
Jonathon Engels

There is no better declaration of freedom than rolling out of bed too late for breakfast, putting on yesterday’s clothes, and hunkering down at a bar, as you hide behind a tall pint glass
Beauty Rides A Hero Honda:
Ram Ram Chennai!
Colin Todhunter

Slap, bang, wallop. It’s a full-force smack in the face. A stone’s throw from the station and it’s off the train and into the sweltering world of Mint Street
Raised by Wolves

Samantha Maranell

A grandfather, grandmother, grandmother’s sister, mother, father, uncle, cousin, three brothers, four sisters, the boy down the street whose family cannot take care of him, and the kid next door who always seems to be around. Meet the modern Samoan family
A wedding in Kuala Lumpar
Bryan Robinson

We arrived into the hot air of Malaysia after flying from Manchester for 14 hours. Nephew Yew Han had hired a minibus to transport us the 40 miles to Yew Han’s apartment in KL...
Bratwurst & Sachertorte
Pleasures of the Palate on the Danube
Elizabeth Schotten Merklinger

Can there be a better place to begin a river cruise than in Nuremberg?  Today its Christkindlmarkt (the largest and oldest Christmas market in Europe)

REVIEWS Film & Books
Oswaldo Jimenez

“Let me tell you about my lucky chair,” said the man wearing the ill-fitting tuxedo jacket...
Lucy, PC
Martin Green

I was a little surprised when our ten-year old son Greg suddenly developed an interest in the environment shortly after entering the fifth grade. 
Middle Distance
John Tompkins 

 “What do you mean, middle distance?” asked Charlie Tiburon. He was standing at the bank of pay phones just outside of D block, wearing an orange jump suit
Michelle D'costa

Mamta didn’t need an alarm to wake her up every morning. She was among those blessed early risers who found themselves unable to sleep beyond their routine waking up hour

Dominion by C J Sansom
& The Afrika Reich  - Guy Saville
Sam North review

In 1952 Germany rules all.
Which side would you be on?
A Year in the Life of a new Author
Sam Hawksmoor

IN 2012 I was lucky enough to have two novels published with Hodder Childrens Books in the UK...
Suggestions for Christmas gifts:
Genie Magie
The Repossession & The Hunting
by Sam Hawksmoor - order now
Print or e-books from Hodder YA Books
The Repossession shortlisted for the Leeds Book Awards in the 14-16 category

Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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