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The International Writers Magazine: Swiss Destinations

Zurich Awaits
• Mark Uppu
What are you waiting for? The beautiful city of Zurich, located in Switzerland, awaits your arrival. Zurich has a lot to offer for everyone; whether you are a bold adventurer, an avid sports fan, or chocolate lover Zurich, Switzerland is the place for you to go.

Swiss National Museum

Zurich is a small city located in northern Switzerland. Because of its location, Zurich is able to maintain moderate temperatures year round. The city of Zurich is one of the best places to visit because it shows an elegant mixture of traditional and modern lifestyles.

The city of Zurich is the second largest city in Switzerland, and it offers amazing attractions. The 2000-year-old city is a great place to go for people looking to find out more about Switzerland’s rich culture. Some of the best places to go are the Swiss National Museum, the Zoological and Botanical Gardens, and the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Swiss National Museum The Swiss National Museum contains the history of the development of Swiss weaponry as well as artifacts from the country’s interesting past.

The Zoological and Botanical gardens are filled with animals and species that are likely to pique one’s interest. The Zoological garden contains about 260 species and 2200 animals; the garden contains a wide variety of animals ranging from Indian Lions to Amur Leopards. The Botanical garden is no less impressive with 15000 rare species of plants from all over the world. For those who like to follow the economy, the Swiss Stock Exchange, SIX Swiss Exchange, are worth a visit. The Swiss Stock Exchange will definitely capture the attention of economics lovers because of its size as well as complexity. After a long day of traveling, you can finish the day off by going to the LaSalle restaurant to enjoy cuisine from all over the world.

For the sports enthusiasts, the city of Zurich provides some of the most extensive international sporting facilities in all of Switzerland. One of the best sights to see in Zurich for sports enthusiasts is the FIFA Soccer Headquarters. (Bribe your way in. Ed). Ice Hockey and Soccer are some of the most popular sports in Zurich and seeing the home teams play is a true delight. For those who want to get active, Switzerland has exceptional biking and hiking facilities. The biking routes, marked with red and white signs, crisscross the city and let people take in the scenic views of Zurich. Zurich also offers great walking routes, and some of the most notable walks in Zurich are the Üetliberg and the Zürichberg. Just a little while away from Zurich is Braunwald, a great tourist sight for the ski fans. Braunwald offers exceptional skiing facilities as well as beautiful sceneries.

The Maestrani Chocolate Factory is one of Switzerland’s best chocolate factories and chocolate lovers will love their time spent at Maestrani. Maestrani is located in Flawil, a city about an hour away from Zurich by car. The Maestrani Chocolate Factory offers public tours of the chocolate factory on most Wednesday and Thursday afternoons during the holidays. The perfect way to cap off a long day is to go to Maestrani and enjoy some of Switzerland’s best chocolate.

As you can see, Zurich is the place for you. It has amazing attractions that will appeal to many people. Everyone can find something interesting in Zurich. So what are you waiting for? Come down and enjoy Zurich.
© Mark Uppuluri December 2012

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