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Comment: Addiction

Effects of Porn Addiction & Sexual Compulsive Addiction
Laura A. Morgan

Sexual compulsive addictions can tear apart many aspects of your being. Many would say that it is healthy to masturbate or indulge in a little mind fantasy so long as it doesn’t hurt someone right? Wrong!

In many cases those who have found themselves indulging in self pleasure with the usage of fantasy, porn related viewing, or objectification, have more often than not become affected by these desires which can manifest itself later.

Desensitization is a common and highly ranked symptom of having a sexual compulsive addiction. It takes away your ability to decipher fact from fiction, reality vs fantasy. It also hinders your ability for a normal relationship where you interact with others of the same sex, and opposite sex; limiting your views and values you once had, interchanging them to what now is considered “acceptable” by the porn industry.

Taking what is considered normal by the single life of self-pleasure and intertwine this with a new relationship, your current or new job, and see how it impacts on your ability to concentrate on your work or relationship issues. Some have become affected by their continual need to see, view, indulge in a near perfect environment of what the porn industry has to offer, in a world of plastic surgery, and breast implants, and a wonderful airbrush quality to enhance further perfection. Their values and morals have now been affected by their need or subconcious need to see or experience sexual implications in every aspect of life and interaction they may encounter. They are on their way to becoming dependant on objectifying a person’s body or parts. Increasing the need for more of this to continue onward for more extreme pleasure and increasing yet again, their level of what is now attached to an urge; combined with a desire for the untouchable viewing.

This leaves them with a outstandingly vulnerable state of lack of reality. Engrossing oneself in a world of perfection, which in our world simply does not exist can leaving people with relationship problems stemming from their inability to understand emotions and proper feelings. Judging what is right from wrong becomes problematic. Further hindering oneself from a normal relationship where a normal person can never live up to the perfect images you have placed in your mind. The perfect girl…… The perfect guy. Neither exist, unless one accepts that the perfect spouse is the one who loves you and accepts you without your being perfect and all your faults that come along with your package! That IS the perfect person.

Addiction harms more than just the user, it corrupts their self-image, their accountability as a trusting person in a relationship where hiding secrets from a spouse about addiction is common. It affects their judgment in person to person encounters. And it also harms family, job, spouse and children. Just as the old saying goes “what they don’t know won’t hurt them” this topic is proven to be dead wrong. Those that do not know still suffer the MANY problems and issues that follow
from addiction, ven if indirectly by those around you in their performance, emotions, the way they deal with stress and anger.

What you don’t tell us, we already know….. We just did not know the word for it until now.

© Laura A Morgan Jan 2004

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