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James Campion
Mr Reality Check

Curse of the Nibelung
A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

by Sam North -
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All opinions expressed herein are wholly reflective of the writers and contributors to hackwriters. All work is copyright of the writers &

Hackwriters is a non-profit journal but welcomes contributions from writers and artists and photographers. We reserve the right to publish and edit material in accordance with our editorial policy.

Diamonds - The Rush of '72 By Sam North
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'a terrific piece of storytelling' Historical Novel Society Review

The International Writer's Magazine - September 2005 - Welcome -

Hackwriters '05

Rothenburg - Medieval Jewel
Susan Fogwell

Buenos Airies
Susan Fogwell

Portenos live for Tango
The Austrian Tyrol
David Francis

Seefeld seems to consist almost entirely of hotels...
Thithiparna Sengupta

A natural wonder
Dr Bush and Mr Hyde:
The Fundementalist Shadow of George W Bush

John D Goldhammer Phd
governments have always feared independent, critical-thinking, informed, educated citizens
Solutions for Oil Gouging
James Campion on OPEC
Dying for gasoline? It’s absurd.
Katrina Political Fallout
Jason Hayworth

Responding to New Orleans

On Heroes in Art

Eric D Lehman

We look up to heroes but who can stand up under scrutiny
Chasing Dragons
Nicole Trilivas on wanderlust

Me, Ozzy and The Beat
Jayne Andrews
- girl next door
Fancy coming to Sir Harry's girls?
Travelling Mohan
Anushka Rao in Bangalore

Pecos the Pub a rock temple off 'Brigade Road', mocks all that the road stands for

Circle Line
Karen Saxby
When I was 35...

Ebb Away
Lauren Almey

She was almost close enough to touch and hold forever.
A Travel Story from the Word Go
Tom Sheehan

"Where do you plan to visit, Mr. Perempteron?" she said

Desert of Death on Three Wheels
Antonio Graceffo
All deserts look pretty dangerous
Obey Thy Grandfather?
Sidi Cherkawi Benzahra

One day my grandfather and my grandmother had an argument. It escalated to a major fight.
Sausalito Revisited
Martin Green

It's changed a little in the last 40 years
Unobtrusive methods & inchoate designs
Richard Grayson on identity

“Let’s look at reality.” ...
The Beauty Police: Hollywood & 'The Look'
Christophe Phillips

No room for ugly

The Vacuum of Journalism
James Campion
Who sandbagged George Pataki?
Deconstructing Anton Chekhov
Dan Schneider

As the collection progressed mathematically their psychological complexity seemed to increase geometrically.
Bad Publicity?
Antonio Graceffo surviving the jungle
The way you get people to buy your book is by getting people to talk about your book.

The Big Desperate
James Campion on New Orleans
Without funds, you’re screwed

The Origins of Anarchy

What is it that turns a man or a woman in to an Anarchist?

Pride and Prejudice (2005)
Directed by Joe Wright

'You have bewitched me body and soul, Miss Elizabeth'
Last Family in England

by Matt Haig
- A Lynn Ede review - a compelling read

Directed by Paul Haggis
Sam North review
an effective drama at that gets to grips with an LA poisoned by the well of anger and race hatred.
Monster - DVD Review
Dan Schneider uses every conceivable cliché of the genre in this horrendously written script by filmmaker Patty Jenkins.
Romanitas by Sophia McDougall
Poison, murder, slavery, betrayal -a modern Roman epic adventure
The Serpent Grail
Philip Gardiner with Gary Osborn
John Baldock review
a fascinating exploration of ancient myth

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