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Running Away
Anne Benjamin

Sometimes, although not often, but probably more than I should do. I like to run away. I like to run far from my troubles far across our vast planet. Where I can rest and seek shelter, and perhaps, a little solitude in another place.

I run because probably, I am a coward, but more often because I’m not. When I run away its not at the bottom of the road where I’ll be found, but at the bottom of a very long path, that sometimes, leads nowhere, but often takes me away.

I like to fly on Aeroplanes, to soar high up above, to look down on the small houses and all the people that I love. Sometimes, more often than not, I fly far away. It often takes me hours to get where I’m going, but when I get there the time melts away. I love to land in new airports, ones that I’m yet to explore. I like to lie on there cold marble floors and watch everyone go by. I like to step outside the doors and breathe the new air in deep; I like its smell, even though the new smell is always brief. I like trying a new language that I have never before had to speak; I like it when locals laugh at my attempts. I enjoy their amusement at my pronunciation of their complex dialects and like it when I finally manage to get it right.

Sometimes though the sun soothes away my distress and eases all my troubles away. I love the world and the world loves me. It’s my shoulder to cry on, a huge hug and my one favourite book. It’s always a good story, a heart rendering read an exciting adventure you never no which. It’s a never-ending tale and there are always some empty pages for you to fill. Each country for me is therapy, some countries build my confidence, some sooth my broken heart, others remind me of spectacular beauty and just how fortunate I am. If I could write what I see or everything that I feel, find the words to describe, I could probably make a fortune, but I might loose my place to hide.

The world is my diary it holds all my secrets, my passport lets me in and out on a journey that no one else is allowed. My stamps are my trophies their bold colours remind me where I have been and the spaces show me how much room I have still yet to fill.

I try to do things I wouldn’t normally do, to test myself and show me that I am still very much alive. I like to dive beneath the waves and explore the coral and fish, I try to swim like I’m one of them and hope that they don’t know. I like to scare myself silly so after I can tell my new friends that I have made.
Sometimes, more often than not, I forget what I was running from so good is the world at healing my wounds. I like to forget and to remember only that perhaps I should go home. Sometimes, although not often, but probably more than I should do, I run away. But most of the time I come back.

© Anne Benjamin Jan 2004

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