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James Campion gets mail

Readers Letters to James Campion Dec 03
Will Howard Dean be President? Readers Respond.

Wazzup, JC?
Sorry it's been so long in commenting on one of your columns, but you've pretty much said more right-on stuff than I ever could on about practically every topic you've written about. Holiday cheers, my Bro! This time, however, though I thoroughly agree with your notion in "Why Howard Dean Cannot Win A General Election" (1/17/03), and had a nice chuckle at your synonomizing him with McGovern and Mondale, I believe the angle this year is what you mentioned at the end of your column. That IS, that if the Dems are gonna get back in the Casa Blanca- a "dark horse" is going to have to emerge like Bill Clinton did. I am confident that they can find someone with more mass appeal than Dean, market him properly, and get behind him to pull out the win. The fact that Gore already backed Dean really means nothing, as he couldn't (even nevermind handly) beat the nummnutz who's in office now the last time around. I'm not sure who that person is, meaning they would really have to come out of virtually nowhere. And if the Dems lose again- they deserve it. It should really be no hard task to find someone good enough to give the incumbent (at the very least) a good run for his oil-drenched money. Peace!
Marc Gambino Bassist
maybe pete

I finally watched one of those Demo Prez debates the other night, and I must say that I was actually impressed, entertained and informed. Dick Gephardt, who ain’t winning anything, actually is not as stupid as he looks, and I do see a good Midwestern values bit that is more well-suited for Congress than the White House. Ani's (DiFranco) boy Kucinich ain’t crazy after all, and his point about reliance on foreign fuels at the expense of new technologies (and as THE cause for the War) hit the nail on the head. And our old pal Reverend Al is nothing if not quick with the quip. He's come a long way from Tawanna-Gate and those bad red Adidas warm up pants.
Dean stammered and fidgeted, and looked totally not ready for prime time. My man Gen. Clark seems to do best in those town hall meetings and needs to be a little more biting like he tried to be at the end. He's right though, he's the only one who can replace Bush and take care of the Iraq mess. There is still hope for us, and Gore is still shit. (What's with that haircut?)
Chris Barrera

Holy Crap!! Will you get your head out of your ass and at least do some homework on the candidates, especially General Clark! If I didn't know you better, I would have thought this bullshit was plagiarized from Ted Koppel. General Clark is not fading as you claim in your diatribe. He most likely will pull a 3rd or 4th in Iowa (pretty good for not spending any money here), a 2nd in NH and clearly win in SC. You must be getting your poll data from Sen. Kerry, who is notorious for making up his own "poll data". Please cancel your subscription. Gore's endorsement of Dean will kill him in the primary. If Dean's winning (as you claim) why have a loser endorse you? Hell...he might as well have gotten Lieberman to endorse him. Dean hasn't realized that Gore is attempting a power play with the Clinton's and he is Gore's muse. Funny that Gore's endorsement was in Harlem and only one African-American was in the audience.
Bush would like nothing better than to go against Dean...but he fears going against the General. I ask one simple what point does middle class American finally realize that Bush and his Republican butt buddies are out for themselves, their "donors", and their war chest...and they don't give a rats ass about middle class America who continually takes the pipe? YOU have the ability to effect change! I encourage your readers to register to vote and get Bush out of office. It's the only why to save America.
Gene Caulfield
The General’s Nephew

Dean will roll.
New York Art Chick

I hear you on Dean, but I'm so impressed with his campaign. I've never seen anything like it. We all know it's going to be close no matter who the nominee, but I think people may underestimate the marketing going on in the campaign. Yeah, I know, everyone talks about the Internet. But there's more than that: they are having house parties, they've hired experts in group meetings and organization, they are savvy about courting the right people, and they have raised money like crazy. Yes Bush has big bucks and big business in his pocket. But I say just wait until Dean has all the democrats in the country behind him, then we'll see what his campaign strategists really can do. One question: do you know what the rules are about accepting money from foreign countries? I've been wondering whether Dean could accept money from all the non-US residents who hate Bush. Anyway, I know the South is not going to come easy for Dean. But I bet he chooses a running mate from the South who has experience in politics. And I also think Dean has a shot at reaching the McCain independents. And he will get the Dem base to the polls like nobody has. Do I like Dean? Well he's a little inexperienced and arrogant at times, and I'd prefer Kerry, but Kerry can't explain why he voted for the war. I'm done being surprised by Dean's campaign. I think the brains behind the campaign are wiser than we think. And I think Dean knows what he's doing as well. Just my two cents. Let's hope Dean wins.
Brandon Kessler

Careful Jim,
You are starting to sound suspiciously and delightfully similar to Rush Limbaugh on some of these issues! Alan Zwickel

Ross Perot actually got 18% of the conservative vote, but beyond that YOU ARE 100% RIGHT. If the Dems don't get 100% behind John Kerry, they can give up now. In addition to everything else, "national security" - a filthy phrase in Bush's mouth--and foreign policy are going to be key factors in this election and what is Dean going to say about those as governor of Vermont? Vincent Czyz

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