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'You know what the
Axis of Evil is?
Money. Money. Money.'
A Few Random Truths About The Inevitable War

How's that war against al Qaeda going? We done over in Afghanistan? How's that working out for ya? Buried the angst of 9/11 yet? Hey, before I'm done asking questions; where's Osama bin Laden? When's the trial start?

The economy is in the toilet. Even Bush apologists are finally copping to that. Stimulus package, tax cutting, Republican government, no matter. People are being sacked left and right. Businesses are folding.
The president is popular, though. Polls tells us that. Polls tell us a lot of things. Polls told us we loved Bill Clinton's lying. Polls told us we loved that slavery. Polls told us we weren't keen on women voting, or helping the Jews in Europe all that much.
Another recent poll has Americans reticent to get involved with another war with no end. This war has been more or less going on since 1989. Weapons inspectors, coalition, UN resolutions aside; it keeps going. Not going to stop.

Here's why: Too many big dick egos on the line now. This is a Bush legacy mess. First one got us in. This one has to see it through. At least he realizes the whole thing stands there like the proverbial white elephant. This was beyond the last administration. But it's a big dick thing. Believe me. Oil has its place. Promises made to the enormous campaign finance teat. But that is only part of the story.
Note to protestors: Put down the fucking signs about oil. Get with the program.
Here's the program: This country trades, dances, prances and pussyfoots around with China. There is no more dangerous, corrupt, human atrocity than China. We can't be bothered looking into that. Bigger dick.
Truly bigger dick, with tons of consumers. Money. Money. Money. That's what keeps big dicks erect.
That's what keeps Germany, France and Russia crying about the US warmonger. Money. Money. Money. France and Germany get nearly 70% of their oil supply from the Iraqi region. Saddam Hussein is into Russia for around eight billion dollars. Dead lunatic is bad for business in Europe. So don't buy any of their human rights, right to sovereignty bullshit.
Money. Money. Money.
And big dicks. North Korea is a goddamn powder keg. Those crazy fuckers running things over there have serious weaponry and aim to use it for giggles.
Hatred for the US is palpable. Been going on for half a century. We see fit to negotiate and ponder diplomatic solutions. Strong words are exchanged, but no military build-up or maneuvers. No handy patriotic rhetoric. China wouldn't stand for it. Neither would the UN, whatever the hell that is these days.
Selective heroism. Today its Iraq, tomorrow, who knows? War used to be good for the economy, but five simultaneous wars?
No end in sight. Nothing finished. Half-assed military policy all over the globe. Stock market is doomed. Unemployment rate rising.
Homeland Security sucking the well dry.
You think our president would like to have his "Axis of Evil" comments back?
You know what the Axis of Evil is?
Money. Money. Money.
And big...
Got it?
Dust off those yellow ribbons and slap old glory on the window of that SUV, we're going in.
© James Campion 2003
(Log and on and buy James's brilliant collection of essays about contemporary Americana)

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