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to James Campion's Column May 2002

James: Regarding your "Science of Greed" column, while we all know this Yes Network mess is about money, I can't believe neither General Von Steingrabber or Chucky Cheese Dolan can see the damage this fiasco is doing to the game of baseball.
George can only put so many fannies in the seats, and those that can't get the game might even start watching the hated Mets because at least that's major league baseball. Chuck, well damn, it's only a matter of time before some fans organize and decide NOT to pay their cable bills. What happens to revenue when 3 million subscribers don't pay their $40 cable bills every month? Will the stockholders be happy? I don't think so.
Meanwhile Cablevison field techs and service personnel are getting verbally assaulted and abused every time they hit the road. Do you think Chuck wants to start paying disability to workers who get hit by cans, rocks and bottles just for driving an Optimum Truck or wearing a Cablevision T-shirt?
I can't see this lasting through the summer, but you never know what will happen when stupidity runs rampant with rich people. Garry

Hi Jim, You made some great points on that YES/Cablevision mess. Both sides are greedy. It makes too much sense to compromise: How about Cablevision, in good faith, put it on basic the first year. Then for the 2nd year, make it a premium channel.
Dolan's is a jerk. With all the other cable systems putting the YES Network on basic, Dolan is just being difficult - probably because he hates the Yanks.
Anyway, keep up the good work. John, North White Plains

Dear JC, You really do know Dolan, only someone who knows him could describe him to the Tee as you did. I too had the misfortune of doing some freelance work for the scum at Cablevision and their commercial production company . They pay pennies and to add insult to injury they pay in 60 days, the scum. I myself am going to do three things: One, go back to basic from basic plus.
Two, demand the offered rebate from Cablevision. And three, listen to the Yankees on RADIO for FREE. Griff

James, as usual you are right on the proverbial "moo-lah." Cablevision can go scratch: A. I too worked on their lame periphery for a number of years. These scumbags still owe me $30 for a voice-over I did seven years ago. THEY SUCK. They're all a bunch of money-grubbing, no-talent, pig-faced snake-oil salesmen. AND NOW THEY WANT TO HOLD BACK OUR YANKEE GAMES! B. I aired a show on their public access channel which their hierarchy, employees and minions ACTUALLY TRIED TO SENSOR. You would think they'd have something better to do than deny me my right to free speech. LIKE PROVIDING US WITH YANKEE GAMES!!!!

I am forced to use their service because I live in an apartment and can't have a dish and if I don't have cable I'll have no TV. The signal on all the network-channels blows and when I call for help they try to make it seem like its my tv which its not. And do you know which signal is the worst? CB-FUCKING-S 2, the one station that is going to have some Yankee games on it! Fifty-bucks a month for this bullshit! AND NOW THEY WANT TO HOLD BACK OUR YANKEE GAMES!
They have Steinbrenner by the balls in a way, because if they don't put YES on the basic tier, that’s 3,000,000 potential advertising customers, that George promised sponsors that he will not be able to deliver. If it becomes a premier channel he will at the most get about one-fifth that number.
If they put it on basic and charge 2 bucks a month, I will be forced to pay, I suppose. However, I will not accept this as a premium channel. These mothers will not get ten or twelve bucks a month out of me. I WILL NOT BE ANOYONE'S JAIL CELL BITCH. I went out the other day and bought a $9 transistor radio so that I can listen to the games on radio. That they can't charge for. Michael Kay's jokes suck anyway. Quacky

Hello James, I have been reading you for years, but your piece on the Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 really made me stand up and cheer. It is difficult in these times of political correctness and paranoia following 9/11 for us as citizens to accept the dilution of our rights. This is why I read alternative media and people like yourself. Your fearlessness is a mark of our great country and the passion and courage it took to forge these liberties in the first place.
Keep Fighting!! Paul Dennard

Yes, Why don’t we just allow child pornography to run wild on the Internet so you can listen to rock music and read subversive, Anti-American hate propaganda. And write it for that matter.
You are what is wrong with the First Amendment set. Go fuck yourselves. I can’t wait until you have children of your own, you self-righteous ass. APM

Hey, Kill them all and let the gods sort them out. tm (the guy who should be living alone up in the hills) Campion, Loved the peace on the nebulous "Child Pornography Act". I think Ashcroft is a lazy ass. Maybe those guys should have spent more time protecting our borders and sifting out terrorists in Jersey before chasing deviants on the web. Although I fear your thoughts will go woefully misunderstood, we certainly appreciated them. Yado From the Campus Zone

Mr. Campion, I haven’t decided what I fear more, the government treating me like a test puppet or predators trying to get to my children through our home computer. What a country! Zena

1001 Reality Check, You are out of your mind. You constantly piss me off. I don’t know why I torture myself time and again by reading this column. But I do.
What can I say, you make me laugh. Penny

sir, Next time... don't hold back so much and let your true thoughts flow. Leftover - The Media Desk

© James Campion May 2002 - The Pope's favorite writer


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