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The International Writers Magazine - February 2004


Hackwriters 2004 - Fiction, Travel, Reviews, Comment & Lifestyles

Our new travel writing competition - a chance to win Colin Todhunters new travel book 'Chasing Rainbows' Enter Here

The Green Grass of Korea
Danielle Kravetsky in Pusan

The Future of Tourism

A case of Apocalypse Forgotten? Racheal Walker in Vietnam
Millennium Redemption
Eric D Lehman in London
Rock For Fred
Roger Smith on Danish peaceniks
Fiestatime in San Sebastian
Mitchell Pickett

Hawaii On A Budget
Peggy Ellet tells you how to save
One Bus Short of a Nightmare
Erik Van Bommel in Florence

Can Japan Save the Garden of Eden?
J T Brown

James Campion on Jesus, Mel Gibson and history
Bushspeak: The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction

John Goldhammer

An End to Evil:
How to win the war on terror by David Frum and Richard Perle
A Kate Moreland review
Last word on WMDs
James Campion on war and money
Europe on the US Primaries
James Skinner

Business Ethics- 101
Brian Cooke

Women Rights & Wrongs
James Skinner

How to speak
M.C. Wood on speaking your mind

The Case for Same-Sex Marriage
M.C. Wood

To Have and To Hold
Rev Antonio Hernandez on gay marriages

The best Steakhouse in Japan

Dean H Ruetzler

Curry Farming in Vermont

Dean H Ruezler
A girl, a bike and a padlock
Heather Neale reports a theft

Of Course I love you darling
David Hill on British parents

Dalia Lama on Ice
Scott Schnaars
Fantasy League
A girl named Merisa
Murray Walker
in KL

Alaska Bound
Sara Towe: Changing my life
Chick Lit - Fiction lite
Jessica Schneider - women writers

The Truth About Starbucks
Tom Donoghue

Japan: A Reinterpretation
by Patrick Smith- reviewed by Dean H Ruetzler
Globalisation Part 2 : Linkage
James Skinner
John Stossel
Dan Schnieder investigates

Ranking Websites
Dan Schneider numbers game


Rev Antonio Hernandez on the legendary blind swordsman
That Day
James L. Carey is driving...
Black Roots and A Red Heart

Bonnie Nish

Lush Life
Authur Blake needs a drink

Running Away

Anne Benjamin
Luc Hue - the taxi driver

The Story of a Girl
Rita Sidhu

The Woman with Hoofed Feet
Part two

Sidi Benzahra on lust and revenge

A Sweetened Memory
Richard Meyer

Torah,Torah, Torah
Richard Meyer

Douglas N Kimball

City Of God
M.C. Wood reviews Fernando Meirelles' film

The Dreamers
Dir - Bernardo Bertolucci
Girl With A Pearl Earring
Dir - Peter Webber
Runaway Jury
Dir- Gary Fleder
The Butterfly Effect
Dan Schneider Review
Screenwriting 101:
Character development notes
Happy Days by Laurent Graff
A Charlie Dickinson review

Eduardo Aquifer by Jeff Hunt
Review by S.N.

The Hindustan Way
by Nathan Rabe

Grandmaster Flash
Rachael D'Cruz

Feb 25-26th Wiltshire Studios
Portsmouth University 6pm Cold Reads - First Drafts 4 New TV drama scripts go live
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He hated them now, their jauntiness and utter disregard for His misery.

Fighting The Flow
Greg Thompson

The Well of Lost Plots
Jasper Fforde

I wonder if anyone outside the family recognized true goodness or could see halos?

The Book of Maybe

Elizabeth P Glixman

Living In Sin
M. C. Wood on life-partners
Super Tuesday Hammerlock
James Campion - US Primaries

DVD or Tape?
The War Continues
Rev Antonio Hernandez
January on Hacks
Dan Schnieder reviews us
Embarassing Parents
Ben Macphereson
Unadvisable Behaviour
Michelle Cochrane in the schoolyard
Swearing and a nipple cap
Rev Antonio Hernandez
Fear of Flying
Colin Todhunter takes flight
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