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Kokomo the smoking dog- a catalyst to a new life
Sara Towe

I was separated, lonely and needed to get out and meet new people. My children were at the age were they had their friends and I was not needed as much as I had been. My children for years had been begging for a dog and cat but I had allergies and put them off till I found a nutritional company that helped rebuild my system, then one day my oldest daughter Tabytha got in the car with her t-shirt meowing. Once I saw this beautiful gray and white tinny perfect kitty that we named Sativa, I could not say no, which is what she was counting on.
However when I bought Kokomo the Border collie home some 2 years later, Sativa was most decidedly displeased.
Kokomo chose me, it took forever to find a Border collie breeder, I love the breed and I had 3 border collies in the past. But when I did find her she climbed up into my neck and cried, our bond quickly formed, we were made for each other.
The breeder was going to be on the Vickie Gabareau Show, Kokomo sat on Vickie’s lap the whole interview and Vickie was going to hand over Kokomo to me at the end of the show.

With her fame in place Kokomo and I started going to coffee shops so I could get out and about and start meeting people. I was always used to going into coffee shops and sitting having coffee and leaving, but having a dog renegades you to the patio. Smokers, although I am not one, as I am an Asthmatic, are very friendly people, and sitting there with such a cute, adorable, bundle of pure joy that who could resist her! From the very first day sitting outside Galligers on Austin Road, Kokomo would have an impact so enormous that my life was never to be the same again.

The guys name is Bill, a local guy who loves animals and was very intuitive to talk with. Over the next three years we would spend many an hour talking about many subjects and he would give me constructive feedback on my business at the time, The Art of Positive Living a personal development company.

Kokomo loved him, when he was walking across the street towards the coffee bar she would go crazy, her bum wiggling from side to side, jumping up and down, and almost crying in her anticipation to see him. Did I read how important Bill would be in my life through Kokomo, no, we were just friends.

Over the next two and a half years Bill and I started a company called "Cyclzone Technologies" a revolutionary new software driven digital electric motordrive system that will replace the combustion engine everywhere. Now the company is on the verge of going worldwide and making history, who would have known it back then. Kokomo did. Kokomo knew that Bill and would be friends, business partners and through the journey realize we were in love.
Now I have a happy dog, she gets three walks a day with Bill, home made food cooked for her by me, and an abundance of love form the both of us all the time.

Why is Kokomo called the Smoking Dog? Well light up a cigarette and watch her perform, jumping, and twisting chasing the smoke entertaining any one that will watch and you have a dog with purpose. Don’t worry her lungs are fine, she does not inhale, but to her this is her job and she takes it very seriously.

Our company Cyclzone Technologies would never have been formed with out Kokomo, I would never have found my soul mate with out Kokomo the world would not have a solution to pollution with out Kokomo. She is our child, our hero our lucky charm, and is the true founder of our industry because with out her I would not have met the brilliant innovator of the new motor and seen the true potential to pursue it. You can say this is a dog driven company.

So remember that animals will open up your life in so many ways, not only with their love devotion and dedication, but with the intuitive wisdom, that some times is out of reach to us. Embrace a dog and then let life embrace you, you will not forget it, nor believe in how it call so radically change your life only for the better.
© Sara Towe November 2007
President of Cyclzone Technologies.

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