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: Why now is a good time to buy shares

How to Gain from Negatively Slanted News
Michael Levy - Professional Optimist.

It could not have escaped your notice how the stock market has been on a roller coaster ride the past few weeks. The indices are now trading at yearly lows for no real reason apart from sensationalistic panic that has no truthful foundation.

Anyone looking for common sense will not find much in the stock market gyrations. In today's media world, unfounded fears and negatively slanted opinions are fed to the public by naive TV commentators and over-reactive newspaper editors. 
When one set of government statistics are released, the doom and gloom merchants jump on the bandwagon to spout their well chosen words and hay presto ...  The markets go down.
A typical comment will be "The next six months company results will be poor because the latest figures indicate the economy is getting weaker."
How can they possibly know what the company results will be in six months time?
A few days later another bunch of controlling experts will come on TV and declare; "The economy is too strong and interest rates will have to rise steeply ... so the next six months company results will be weak ... Everyone should sell their shares and get out of the markets ASAP." How can they conceivably discern what events will be established in six months time?
What happened to honest reporting ... that just disclosed the facts? 
The only people who stand to strike short term gain, in the stock markets uncalled for downturn, are the ones with billions of dollars in hedge fund short positions ... It is they who raise their cups of plenty and sing... Three cheers for negatively slanted financial news ... reported by mislead comment-taters. But long-term, very few people earn money by shorting stocks.
People with common sense will always make intelligent interpretations and in the long run come out on top ... The smart investor buys cheaply, the companies that negatively slanted reports may try and distort. They know a company with strong, honest balance sheets, mindful management, sound products and serving the public with what they desire, will make them money.
The astute investors will buy when others are selling out of fear ... In the long run, that's how millionaires are made. Let the Wall Street fiddlers play the tunes for a while and maybe the media fools will dance in rhythmic ignorance... But in the long run, the wise investor will reap the rewards. 
They understand the simple rule ... Sell when prices are high and buy when they come down.
Leisurely drip investing brings rich return.  Buying a few shares, each time a well researched companies price falters, will bring super returns to the wise investor ... Cream will always rise to the surface.

Michael Levy is the author four books: 1: What is the Point? 2): Minds of Blue, Souls of Gold, 3: Enjoy Yourself It's Later Than You Think and 4: Invest with a Genius.
His website in ranked number one in the world out of 1,800,000 websites when "Inspirational books" are the search words on Google. Website:
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