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The International Writer's Magazine - December 04- Welcome

Hackwriters '04

The Real Meaning Of Christmas
Holly Bates
Shop Culture
Rebecca Kingsbury

Just me
Keren Arnold takes a bow

It's Not You - It's Me
Kat Roberts on breaking up

Loving and Leaving
Rebecca Kingsbury
Saying Goodbye
Gemma Williams

First Memories
Gemma Williams -the first steps
We Are Driven
Michael Halmshaw safe driving?

You can be a Maestro too
Michael Levy

Chile Diary No 9
Dermot Sullivan
Liverpool Cultural Capital
Colin Todhunter

The Art of Active Relaxation
Eric D Lehman
Himalaya: Valley of Flowers
Patha De Sarkar

Chicken Fighters
Antonio Graceffo Phnom Phen
The Iron Fist Principle Pt 1 & 2
James Campion: The Bush Agenda for 2005

Dangerous Art
James Campion on the Simpsons

The Times Are Changin'
Rev Antonio Hernandez
The Forked Path
Josh Davidson ponders our future

Health Tourism in India
Colin Todhunter opens wides

Meet The Ocean Police
James Skinner on Greenpeace
When Familes Divide
Keren Arnold - a child's divorce

Pacific Nonstandard Time
Greg Blanchette
Western Vancouver Island
Ice Cream - Continued
David Tavernier
A Waiter's Nightmare
Paying The Bills
Martin Green
Never enough money

Wild, Delicious, Dead Pt 1
Phil Mershon

Part 2 here
The squeaky clean girl
Nightmare - Iraq Dreams
Gemma Williams
Atomic Dream
David Tavernier disintegrates
Hot Gossip
John Bradshaw down the pub
Teacher's Power Trip
Gemma Williams in the classroom
Back and Forward
Sam North - past and future
Future Tense

James Ryder on living now
Life in 2024
Andrew Walker looks back
Brazil: Say farewell to the trees
Gabriella Davies
A world without men?
Leanne Browning does

Birthday Boy 2054
Alex Segal

The Other Me
Gemma Ayres - designer baby grows up

Last Christmas 2019
Jenny Atkins mourns its passing

Korea reunited
John Duerden explores the issues
Don't mention the war
Sam Barnes on talking to soldiers

The Black Hole of Branding
Naseem Javed

Clive Branson
Smoke, Drink & Drive this season
James Skinner carefree

Teaching India to Read
Reva Sharma with Pratham
on the station platforms

Are you feeling Mean?
Rev Antonio Hernandez

Bullfighting is Wrong
James Ryder - murder in the ring
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The Great Beyond
Chapter Nine

Meeting Mark Twain
Brodie Parker's serialised novel about life after death is here - only in Hackwriters

Peter Pan Dec 04/Jan 05
Danielle Ward goes to the panto

The Phantom of the Opera

Ben Mcphereson review

Rosario Tijerras by Jorge Franco

A Charlie Dickinson Review

The Incredibles
Clare Sager

The Phantom of the Opera
Ben Mcphereson review

Finding Neverland
Richard Chilver

Bad Santa
Rebecca Francis

'The Turkish Wizard of Oz'

The Worst Film of all time?
Michael Dare nominates
Otomoto's 'Memories' 1995 Anime Dan Schneider DVD review
Tim Burton's Big Fish
Dan Schnieder

Totally Incomplete Review of 04
Sam North

Visual Arts Creative Arts Programme '04
Gemma Williams review
Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em and
little fleas have lesser fleas infinitum - Augustus de Morgan
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